My Story

At 13 years old, I couldn’t stay awake. Always tired, always sleeping. “She’s just a lazy teenager” the doctors would tell my Mom over and over and over again. “I have never seen a 13-year-old girl who doesn’t even want to go shopping!” My Mom would retort back.

After a few months of this, I was finally diagnosed with my nervous system dysfunction called POT Syndrome. There was an intern who messed up and forgot to take my blood pressure. The doctor was so done with the guy that she just did it herself. But when she did, she realized that my blood pressure would drop whenever I went from a supine to upright position. Thank you so much to the forgetful intern! Your bad day brought clarity to my world!

To make a long story short, I went to doctors weekly for years. Cardiologists, Gastroenterology, Endocrinologists, Neurologists, you name it, I have been there. I have tried so many medications that I completely lost count. But the side effects were normally worse than what they were treating me for. I would take one step forward, and then two steps back.

As it progressed, I would end up bed-ridden and in a wheelchair in the winters (not enough air pressure against my body for my blood to flow efficiently enough to not pass out). In the winter of 2017, they finally said that I had tried everything and to just “hope” I get better. What did they think I had been doing all of these years?

I was at such a loss. Then, an opportunity with doTERRA popped up. I had been approached by 2 different women within weeks of each other about using and advocating for the oils. I literally had nothing else to lose, so I went for it. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

The peppermint was helping to support my digestion and endurance at Physical Therapy, the Balance blend was helping to promote a healthy circulation, the On Guard was boosting my immune system so I can walk into my volunteer classrooms without being afraid of getting sick, and the lifestyle was providing me a purpose again. I was (and still am) seeing amazing results, and couldn’t help but to share it with others! At first, I was worried that maybe these results were all in my head. I wanted to get better so badly that I was willing it into existence, and the oils were purely placebo. But then, the people I was sharing it with were having amazing results as well!

Not only has doTERRA blessed my health, but the advocate position is everything I love summed up in one job (not to mention one that I can do even though I am still very ill). I love to teach, and I can teach others how essential oils can empower them! I always wanted to get into medicine, and now they are finding that essential oils are legit, and are starting to use them in certain hospitals and practices (called integrated medicine). I am a pretty great listener and love to solve problems, and I can do that for other people.

I seriously cannot be more thankful for doTERRA, the community that I have been plugged into, the support I receive, and the oils that have changed my life!

If you have a story similar to mine, if you have been given up on, labelled as not worth it, don’t give up! Being empowered by something as small as essential oils can totally turn your whole life around!