Back-To-School Must-Haves For Teachers!

It’s August, which means all the teachers are doing all the things for all the classrooms! My favorite place to be in August is in the dollar section at Target. I am readying my classroom so that it can look incredible for like the first month, and then I’m not too sure what happens after that!

Anyways, while I am preparing my classroom, I am also getting my must-haves for my essential oils too! With back-to-school comes back-to-germaphobe. I have developed the germaphobe habit because I normally get EVERYTHING that comes through my classroom (which is not even 5 days a week for me!). So I am focusing on boosting my immune system now, and doing all the prevention. I don’t want any sickness, or any burnout! Here is some back-to-school must-haves for teachers!

  1. Balance

doterra-balance-15mlI use Balance every morning! Not only does it do wonders for me physically, but it also balances things emotionally. Things can get a bit crazy at the beginning of the year. There is not enough materials or supplies, dumb conflicts, and the normal stuff that you just can’t even plan for. The first two weeks of teaching I am always in the “Is this a good idea?” mode. Things will always work themselves out, but in the meantime, Balance will keep you grounded.

2. On Guard

doterra-touch-on-guard-10mlAs soon as you open your doors for your first class, all the gross germs walk right in. If someone isn’t sick within the first two weeks, you need to share your secret with the rest of us! The thing about kids getting sick is that they can stay home for a day or two and sleep it off. Not teachers though. Unless there is a fever involved, we are usually up in front of the class teaching.

That’s why I have been using On Guard. It’s a protective blend that helps to promote a healthy immune system, which is what you need to avoid getting sick in the first place! I rub this on the bottoms of my feet every single morning!

On Guard Hand Sanitizing MistIn the classroom, I use the On Guard hand sanitizing mist. It’s much better for you than regular old hand sanitizer with fragrances and parabans.

doterra-on-guard-softgelsAnd sometimes, we get sick anyways. It’s bound to happen at least once in the school year, right? So when that happens, turn to On Guard softgels. They are packed with immune supporting essential oils, that should help your immune system kick things naturally!

3. Next is stuff for headaches. I am a chronic headacher, and they like to pop up at the most inconvenient times (like when you are teaching). What can you do except keep on pushing through the lesson? Well, I use doTERRA’S tension blend, Past Tense, and Frankincense.

pasttense-10mlPast Tense is great for relaxing any tension that may have built up and brought the headache on in the first place.

frankincense-touch-10mlFrankincense is great for any cellular support and easing pain. In combination, these help me tremendously! This way I am not popping over the counter pain killers, which make me tired and drowsy (not good combinations when you are responsible for 10+ kids).

I rub Past Tense on the back of my neck and jaw line, and Frankincense goes straight to my temples and forehead.

5. Cheer

doterra-cheer-5mlYou know those times when you are watching the clock, just waiting to go home? Now, I love teaching, don’t get me wrong! But, especially on my really bad sick days, I get antsy to pack up quick!

On those days I love using cheer! It’s an amazing, uplifting blend that really helps me to get back to the right mood (and stop watching the clock).

I have the roller bottle of this as well, and I either wear it on my diffuser bracelet, or rub it on my hands and take 3 deep, slow breaths.

P.S. It also smells like Christmas!

6. A Diffuser

New product shots with some blank mockupsEvery household needs one of these! If you are allowed to bring one into your classroom, I highly suggest that you jump at the chance to do it! If your class has a bad case of the germs, diffuse some On Guard! If they are being slow to get into things, diffuse Motivate! If they are grumpy, diffuse Cheer!

These are so much better for you than candles, and can have some great cleansing and emotional benefits as well! You can also come up with cool fall, Christmas, and winter scents that will put your classroom in the right mood!


So, that isn’t everything a teacher may need, but this is a great core to start with! Also, if you aren’t a teacher but know one, these are GREAT teacher gift ideas!

I hope that everyone has a great back-to-school experience, and that the germs stay away for as long as possible!