5 Essential Oil DIYs For Beginners

There is so much that we can do with essential oils that sometimes we can feel lost. I try to always sit down with my members when they get their starter kits so I can answer any questions and guide them in the right direction.

When you get a top 10 starter kit, you can do over 100 things with just those 10 essential oils! But where do you start?

Well, first start with your health. If you have a health goal that you can treat naturally, that is obviously your first priority. But after that, then you can start playing around and having fun with recipes and diys!

Here are some fun ones for beginners that are really simple to do!

1.DIY Aromatherapy Jewelry

aromatherapy jewelryI love aromatherapy jewelry! In fact, I make diffuser bracelets and give them as free gifts to all of my members. I normally use lava beads, but natural clay would be a fun way to customize it!

This could also be a really great activity to do with kids! I can totally see this being a hit at an art class or birthday party!

My favorite essential oils to use in my diffuser jewelry are Wild Orange, Jasmine, and Lavender!


2. Deep Hair Conditioner

deep hair conditioner

Hygiene is important, right? Well there can be a lot of toxins in beauty products that can actually do us and our body more harm than good! If you want beautiful hair, I say nature is the place to turn to!

The fun thing about this diy is that you can add in whatever essential oil(s) you would like! I personally would add in Rosemary and Lavender, as both are great for hair health and promoting natural hair growth! It seems like the perfect fit!


3. After Sun Soothing SprayAfter Sun Soothing Spray

I love getting natural vitamin D straight from the sun, but you must have a good balance. You obviously don’t want sunburns, but sometimes, they just happen. When they do, it’s wise to get something on them right away to prevent them from getting worse!

This diy after sun spray is perfect! It has Lavender (great for soothing the skin and promoting healing), Meleluca (also great at promoting healing and works great on the skin), and Peppermint (great for cooling and soothing). This would be great to make ahead for vacations, park days, and anything else that can get you an accidental sun burn!


4. Natural Lip Stains

Natural Lip Stain

I love any type of natural beauty product, so this is a perfect diy! It has 4 different colors and flavors, including  Lemon-Cherry. Lavender-Blackberry, Raspberry-Blackberry Peppermint, and Pomegranate-Grapefruit. If you are super creative, I am sure that you could even come up with more!

This would totally be a fun girl’s night/ spa day activity, or a really great birthday or Christmas gift!


5. Postpartum Soothing Spray

Postpartum soothing spray

This may be the most simple but most useful diy yet! With only a few ingredients, it contains Lavender and Frankincense as the essential oils. These are the perfect essential oils for postpartum! Seriously, if you know an expecting Momma, Lavender and Frankincense are great gifts! Or better yet, just make it for them!

In this spray, the essential oils will work together to soothe and promote natural healing. Two musts for postpartum!

These 5 DIYs are a great place to start for oil newbies! Simple, with just a few steps, but oh-so useful! If you try any of these, let me know! With back to school coming quick, check out Back-To-School Must-Haves For Teachers!