5 Ways To Clean for Fall!

So, I have totally been pretending that it is fall lately! I love the break from the humidity, the changing of the trees, mini pumpkins, and of course, ankle boots. It’s literally my favorite time of year!

I get to throw on a plaid scarf or a soft sweater here or there, but that has only been lasting for a day or two!
But the real deal is right around the corner! That means I can get out my box of sweaters in the attic and my fall decor!
Something else I like to do in the fall is to give stuff one more good deep clean before winter. I am not as big of a fan of winter as I am of fall. I don’t like to be shut in from the weather, and I certainly don’t like the dust and dander that winter can bring! That’s why I like to give a good clean beforehand! 
If you only know one thing about me, its probably that I love essential oils! They have literally changed my life for the better, and I can’t brag on them enough. I use them in every part of my life, including cleaning!
When I would clean before, using products made from chemicals and synthetics, I would wear rubber gloves, have the windows wide open, and have to take breaks often because the fumes would get to me. Why is that the accepted way to clean your house? You may be getting rid of germs, but your just replacing them with very harmful chemicals! Which is worse?
That is definitely not how I clean anymore though! I use all natural products that clean great, smell amazing, and are void of harmful chemicals and synthetics! Long story short, I am not afraid to come into contact with them!
So, as I embrace the beauty of fall, here are 5 ways I will be cleaning all naturally with essential oils!

1. On Guard Concentrate


Doterra’s On Guard Concentrate is there all purpose cleaner. It can clean your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, surfaces, dishes, toilet, you name it. It cleans great and is non-toxic!
Also, it saves you money! Because its a concentrate, you only need 3 tablespoons of it per 24oz spray bottle of water! That comes to around $1.50 per spray bottle! Can you get that at the grocery store?
Because its an essential oil product, make sure you put it in a glass, stainless steal, or heavy duty plastic spray bottle. Essential oils break down cheap plastic.
So I will be using this to give all of my surfaces a very deep clean!
Another cool way I will be using this is for stain remover! Its amazing at taking out stains from material! I have a white summer comforter with a few spots on this for wear. All I will do is squeeze the concentrate right from the bottle onto the stains. Then, after it sits over night, I will through it in the washing machine, and let it air dry!
Which brings me to the next way I will clean with essential oils!

2. On Guard Laundry Detergent


I love this stuff! I have such sensitive skin, and regular laundry detergents give me very bad rashes. No thank you!
When teenagers were doing that challenge where they would bite into laundry detergent pods and end up in the hospital, my question was not “why are they doing this,  its crazy!” (The poor kids were just trying to get attention), my question was, “why on earth are we washing and then wearing our clothes in this if it’s so dangerous!” That, my friend, is the crazy part!
So, I made the switch to On Guard Laundry Detergent, and I truly love it! It makes my clothes smell like apple pie, and its non-toxic!
So, not only do I use this for all of my laundry, but I will be using it to wash my fluffy, white, summer comforter, and all of my summer wardrobe, before it has to be put away!
And speaking of laundry….

3. Ditching the Dryer Sheets

dryer balls

Now, I don’t even think about using dryer sheets anymore. I haven’t used them in over a year! They can have very very very toxic ingredients in them, and I am not willing to take the chance just for clothes that smell great. Pure grade essential oils can do that for you, without the toxins!
If you have wool dryer balls, you can add your favorite oils right on top of them before you dry your clothes!
Now I am allergic to wool, but if you get the plastic dryer balls that have a whole in them, you can add your oils there!
Get creative with your blends, or just use whatever smells good to you that day!
Some great options are:
•Purify –  This essential oil blend helps to absorb any funny odors.
•Lavender – This essential oil is well known for having a calming effect and a pleasing aroma.
•Wild Orange – This essential oil is well known to help even more with germs and also has an amazing smell.
•On Guard – This essential oil blend is also in the concentrate and detergent! It will leave your clothes smelling like fall and apple pie!

4. Keeping Stored Clothes Fresh

clothes storage

Okay, so like the idea of the dryer balls, you can also add essential oils to cotton balls for packing away clothes.
When I change out my summer and winter clothes, they always smell musty like they have been packed away for 6 months. This year I will be keeping them nice and fresh when I pack away my summer clothes!
I will be putting 3-5 drops of Wild Orange on some cotton balls and place them right on top of my clothes in the boxes. When I go to open them up, they will already smell like summer!

5. Dusting

Okay, last one! I need to keep the dust down in the winter. Allergies are terrible! So, to dust with essential oils, I will add around 5 drops of lemon to a microfiber cloth, and get rid of any dust! This is also a great way to do your windows!

Alright guys, I hope this has given you some great ideas on how to keep things clean for fall, without having to use chemicals!
Let me know which idea sounds the best to you!