4 Personality Traits of a Great Doterra Wellness Advocate

I have been learning about what it actually takes to be a good wellness advocate lately. I mean, anyone can do it, but my goal is to do it well! Being a wellness advocate means that you are impacting people’s lives, and have the potential to really help them!

Whether that looks like their health, financials, or faith, God has given me a unique job that really makes a difference in other’s live’s.

I really want to succeed in this job. I know that God brought it into my life on purpose. So, who better to look to than Him to show me how to be successful! You know that God answers prayer, and He has definitely been answering this one. So, I want to share it with you!

So, here are 4 personality traits of a good wellness advocate!

1.Commitment commitment

In any adventure, new job, or life stage, it can feel daunting. Girl, I am the type of person that is okay with change, but the first couple weeks of anything feels like major regret! Sometimes you just want to turn around and go back to the way things were before! It’s not necessarily giving up, it’s just going back to where you were comfortable.

Well guess what. You can’t grow where you are comfortable! I have seen that quote so much on Instagram and Facebook, but it’s completely true! When you want growth, you have to go outside your comfortable. Which is, uncomfortable. Everyone’s instinct is to feel safe and stable, so it makes sense that you would want to turn right around and go back. But, that is not going to give you progress! You will not move forward, and could be missing out on either blessing someone else, or being blessed!

So, even if it gets uncomfortable sometimes, you have to stick with it. You have to keep your eyes on the end goal, and tell yourself that it is all worth it! If you have a committed personality, you will be a great advocate!

I am not saying that this job is super difficult or will make you uncomfortable, but there will be times that you feel that. There will be times when you want more progress and are frustrated with where you are. And that is when you know that you are exactly where you should be! That you are in a stage of growth, and that if you stick with it, you will see your results. You just have to show up everyday and keep progressing! Be committed! 

2. Determination Determination.png

This one goes along slightly with being committed, but to be a good wellness advocate, you also need determination. You have to set your goals and intentions, visualize them, and go for it! In order to stay committed in the uncomfortable times, you will need your determination! It will push you to your growth and your results.

Something I have been doing lately is setting my intentions verbally, and not just keeping them to myself. I am telling my uplines, I am telling everyone on social media, I am putting it out to the universe, and telling my God, and trusting the process. Like I said before, the process can be frustrating when you are not seeing results, but your determination will fuel your commitment, which will push you towards your goals even more!

So, find the main reason why you are doing this. Find you “Why.” Once you have it, go to it everyday and it will fuel your determination.

3. CompassionCompassion.png

So the whole purpose of doTERRA is to change each other’s live’s, right? I mean, from start to finish, the goal is to make an impact. The founders source the oils, giving really good jobs, those jobs and doTERRA’S charities impact the community of the farmers. The people who use these oils in turn provide more jobs while getting the highest quality essential oils and products. The wellness advocates can make a full-time income and above while sharing the love of doTERRA. Everyone involved is touched!

So if you have compassion for others and want to see their bodies and finances healthy, you will make a great wellness advocate! That is the doTERRA purpose and what really motivates your whole purpose of doing the business.

4. Individualityindividuality.png

As doTERRA’S popularity grows, more and more people are signing up to become wellness advocates! That means that almost everyone is probably connected to a wellness advocate. And I am sure you don’t even have to look hard!

Now, doTERRA doesn’t have a culture of competition. The more the business grows in general, the bigger the rank pools grow (a part of how you can make money from doTERRA), and the more money you personally will make. So, while we all want to see each other grow, it doesn’t negate the fact that we still need our own customers and downlines.

So, how do we do that if there is a growing number of wellness advocates? By being yourself! When you build with doTERRA, your not selling essential oils, you are really selling yourself. You have to set yourself apart, and put yourself out there for others to see! Show them your quirks, your flaws, and just be real with people! This will attract the right people to choose you to be their wellness advocate and get on board with you!

Your individuality will get people to relate to you. They will see themselves in you, but they will realize that something is missing for them (aka doTERRA)! So, they will jump in with you to see what they are missing! You will easily grow your own little tribe with people that you love! Think about it as growing your family.

The good news about this is that God made us all different! We already have our own individuality. We just have to show off the personality that God already gave us (and we can get paid to do that)!

You will easily inspire the right people!

So, if you have those personality traits (which, by the way, can be taught and improved), you, my dear, will make a great wellness advocate! You don’t have to be a pro, have some fancy degree, or know 1,000 different people. You just have to be authentically you and it will work. Get ready to change people’s lives!

Whether your intuition is giving you a little poke in this direction, or you are just a little interested and want more information with no strings attached, go to my contact page and send me a message. My team is always willing to chat or expand with real and authentic people.

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