How to Use Intentions and Mindsets to Actually Reach Your Goals

Let’s talk about intentions and mindsets today.

What are they and how do they work together? How do they benefit me?

Can they really improve my business? Do they really promote success like people on social media talk about?

Are goals any different from a wish or a dream? What makes a goal a reality for some people, and just a long-shot hope for another?

Intentions and mindset. If you don’t add those to your goals, then chances are you won’t reach them!

You will probably flop around for awhile and then just resort to giving up when the going gets tough. Sorry that’s harsh! But haven’t we all been there?

Let’s do something differently this time though! Let’s make our dreams a reality! And let’s do it together!


The word mindset is defined as “the established set of attitudes held by someone.”

An example of this looks like you wake up dreading a family holiday, believing that it is just going to go terribly. And guess what? It does go terribly! That one Aunt asks you what is wrong with you that you are still single, your In-Laws complain the whole time that you are raising your kids into terrible people, and you go home miserable.

Sounds terrible, but pretty familiar, right?

But what would happen if you take the same situation, with the same difficult family members, and the only thing you change is the way you think? Say you wake up that morning and you ask God to “Lord, just give me grace!” and you establish your attitude ahead of time that you will have a good time.

Then when Aunt Becky just can’t wrap her head around the fact that there is no “boyfriend” aisle at the grocery store, or Mother-in-law Tammy scolds you behind your back for not making your kids eat food that they don’t actually like, your attitude that you put in place earlier will take over. It will look for the good and not dwell on the bad. Later you go home happy and don’t have to down a box of chocolates or a tub of ice cream in your sweat pants, watching a chick flick where everyone has a perfect life. No one’s life is perfect, but girl, it will be better than the skinny blonde’s with a shallow relationship that would only last 2 weeks in the real world! Why? Because you decide it will be. You choose your mindset!

Whether you think you're going to have a good day or not, you're right.

So, that is a good example of how to use it in our personal lives, but how about our jobs or our businesses?

Well for me personally, my business is essential oils! I love educating and sharing these amazing creations from God that doTERRA has readily available for our homes. God has called me to this and I just love it.

But sometimes, it gets hard! Sometimes I have months where I don’t rank advance when I would like to. Or sometimes I feel stuck or rejected or like I just want to quit! But, because I have established my attitude about it, that this is from God and a good thing, before any of that stuff even happens, I don’t quit. I push forward! No matter how slow I am going, forward is still forward!

So I trust. I trust the process. I trust that God brought this into my life for purpose. I trust that my determination and forward direction will get me to the place I want to be. And I establish my mindset beforehand!



So goals and intentions are similar.ย The word intentions is defined as “a thing intended; an aim or a plan.” Sounds kind of like a goal, right?

The difference between intentions and goals, though, is that intentions are what you do to reach your goals.

Goals without Intentions are just dreams

Intentions are something you set. Like a mindset, you set it beforehand. After you know your goal, you declare it. Some great advice that I have been using from Rachel Hollis is to envision yourself with your goal met in great detail. What house do you want to have, what car do you drive, what clothes will you wear, where will you shop (for me, TARGET), how will you feel while you are washing your dishes, or will you even wash your dishes at all? Just every little detail that you can imagine. Think about it in detail whenever you have a 5 minute break here or there during they day!

Then the practical part. After you have that vision, work backwards from there. Work all the way back to where you are now and go from there! I just love that advice and Rachel Hollis. If you haven’t heard of her, girl, get your life together! You are missing out.

So, I have worked my vision all the way back to where I am right now, and I am setting my intentions on how to get there.

A great way to do this is a vision board. My vision board for the next year has a Silver rank, a Gala dress for convention, buying my own car, and planning some type of cabin retreat for our future team.

Telling other people that makes me slightly uncomfortable because my dreams and goals are private. I am a super responsible person, so if I fail, I will just feel awful. But, I have already set my intentions that this will happen, I am trusting God to provide, and I am taking care of the one thing that I can control, my mindset.

Telling other people is a great way to set your intentions as well. There is something about sharing your intentions that really sets them in stone for your mind. Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t want other people to see you fail. Or maybe it’s declaring them out loud that gets you moving towards them! While it can be scary, go for it! Even if you fall flat on your face, that’s not what defines you. Your reaction does.

So, I kind of wrote this blog post backwards, but it makes sense to me that way!

What are your own personal goals? What is that one thing that you are really considering just going for? That you see other people succeeding at and you know that you could do that too?

Take your goal and hang onto it. Make it a goal and not just a dream!

Grab your goal and then set your intentions. Visualize your success, make a vision board, track your steps backwards, and tell the world where you are going.

Then, you can establish your mindset before you start. Go into this positively, and stay there! This will get you through those rough times, and attract others to join you! If you are able to do that (along with putting in the necessary work), it will get you on the path to your success! And that doesn’t just apply to a doTERRA business. That can apply to your corporate job, how you want to parent, your fitness, how you go about relationships, and so much more!

So girl, let’s make things different this time! Let’s make our dreams a reality and inspire people in the process!

So be brave and tell me your goals down in the comments!!

I would love to throw some positivity and encouragement your way!

Tell Me Your Goals!