Easy Christmas Gift Ideas With Essential Oils!

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So it’s the middle of October now. Nobody is really thinking Christmas yet, but I am like the anti-procrastinator. Everyone knows that people who procrastinate have a problem, but I am like on the opposite end of that spectrum, and also have a problem!

I plan WAY to far in advance! And it’s not like my plans are set in stone, I actually consider myself a pretty flexible person. But my mind just jumps way too far ahead of myself when I should be focusing on the here and now. Please tell me I am not the only anti-procrastinator!

Anyways, I am already starting to think Christmas gifts. I don’t want to have to panic when it’s Thanksgiving and I haven’t gotten anyone a single gift!

I am pretty good at getting all the big gifts out of the way, like for my niece, nephew, and immediate family members. But there is always those people that totally slip through your brain and didn’t even make it on your Christmas cards list! You get to December 12th, have everything wrapped and your names checked off, and this person, who you HAVE to get something for (like a teacher, a boss, a cousin), totally blows your confidence to pieces! Now you are scrambling for gift ideas, and you end up just getting them a gift certificate to a coffee place. Not super thoughtful! (Can you tell I have been here before?)

Well, this post is a reminder for you this year, so you DON’T forget that person. You’re Welcome.

So to make sure you have a stellar Christmas this year, full of self-confidence and anti-procrastination, here are some easy Christmas gift ideas with essential oils!

Roller Bottle Blends


Blending up some essential oils in a roller bottle as a gift is probably going to be the quickest, easiest, and most affordable idea in this whole blog post. If you have like 100 kids (or what feels like 100), all with different teachers that you have to get gifts for, these are perfect to make in batch!

You can easily personalize them with different blends, labels, and colors. You can also buy the bottles in bulk from amazon for fairly cheap if you are pinching pennies this year. Or if you have a little extra wiggle room with your wallet (please tell me your secrets), you can buy some fancy ones from my favorite oil supply shop!

You can easily get cute labels from both amazon and Everyday Oil Essentials. Then all you need is some FCO (fractionated coconut oil), and your doTERRA Essential Oils!

**P.S. DO NOT BUY ESSENTIAL OILS FROM THE GROCERY STORE OR FROM AMAZON! These oils are not pure, nor can they prove their purity. Buy straight from doTERRA as you will be getting assurances and published testing of your specific oils, as well as free education, wholesale membership, and a great community with lots of new friends.

To learn more visit source to you.

Some of my favorite blends, especially for teachers, are the FLOOM Blend (supports immune system), aka sorry my child got you sick again blend, and the Calm Blend, aka sorry my child drives you crazy blend.

Here is the recipes for both!

FLOOM Blend (1)Calm Blend

Both of these recipes are for a 10ml roller bottle. Once you have added your oils, fill the to the top with FCO, put the roller and cap on, then write on your label and stick it on!

The cost of the FLOOM blend comes to around $10 per bottle.

The cost of the Calm Blend comes to around $6 per bottle.

Here are some great suggestions for roller bottlescolorful roller bottles  , and labels all from amazon.

If you want some nice, high quality stuff though, check out my favorite oil supply shop, Every Day Oil Essentials!

If you are totally feeling this gift idea and need help with getting some essential oils, head to my Contact page and send me a message!

Diffuser Jewelry


Diffuser jewelry is awesome! You can either easily make it yourself, or order something from etsy, or my favorite oil supply shop! Diffuser jewelry is made from lava beads. These beads are super porous, so they absorb the oil when you rub it in, and diffuse it for hours! You don’t even have to worry about cleaning it afterwards, because they clean themselves!

I actually make diffuser bracelets as customer gifts when people enroll with me, and they love them! It’s a great way for people to use essential oils when you are out and about.

You can get supplies for this on amazon or a craft store and easily make them if you are a crafty person! And if not, it is still an easy, thoughtful gift to buy for someone!

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If you wanted to buy it with a pr-made essential oil blend, doterra has partnered with Ugandan artists to provide good and respectful jobs for women to provide for their families by having them make diffuser bracelets ! It comes with the beautiful blend (which is gorgeous and can be used as perfume), and goes to a great cause!

Doterra is actually releasing big blocks of lava rock that you can put a few drops of essential oils in and set them on your desk, in the kitchen, or on you side table. They release the aroma, don’t have to have electricity, and are really aesthetically cute! Be sure to check them out because they come in a pack of 2 for only $12! That is only $6 per gift!

For Men


So men can be a little bit more difficult when it comes to essential oils. They don’t want to smell like a strong flower, even though it may help them physically. I get it! But, there are some pretty musky, manly smelling essential oils that are great for your health!

A great small gift or stocking stuffer is the doterra balance bath bar! Balance smells great! It’s not girly, it’s a great grounding blend, and makes for a great muscular scent! Also, just look at it! It looks rustic and manly and all things testosterone! Perfect!

For Women


Okay, so most of the ideas in this post have been kind of geared toward women already, but here is something specific for women! Doterra’s tinted lipgloss with essential oils! This is great for your skin, with no chemicals, parabans, or other toxins! And who doesn’t love a great lipgloss for Christmas?

It costs around $12, but remember it’s not your typical grocery or drug store lipgloss. It has essential oils and is HIGH QUALITY! If your lipgloss is cheap, it’s probably not that great for you (just being honest).

Other great gifts to buy for people are whole bottles of essential oils! Once you use a doterra essential oil, you will be hooked! So, do your friends and family a favor this Christmas, and just share some good-old doterra. It will open their eyes to a whole new, healthier lifestyle, with natural solutions that can change their lives! I am so grateful to God for the woman who first shared doterra with me!

If you want to share oils AND make some money on the side, send me a message!

I will totally explain that awesome opportunity to you!

So there are some GREAT, easy, and cost effective Christmas ideas! The doterra holiday products come out November 1st. Go take a look at the rest of their holiday products too! There is an elephant diffuser, essential oil clutch, and HEALTHY CHOCOLATE!! Doterra’s Holiday Products Girl, get you some of that!

If you are going to try these ideas for Christmas, let me know! Send me a picture, tag me in social media, or head over to my contact page!

Here’s to no procrastinating and a great Christmas season!