6 Essential Oils To Totally Use As Perfumes

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Perfume is great! It’s so nice to know you smell good, and add a little signature to your style and personality.

You know what’s not great? Fragrance. The word “fragrance” in the beauty industry can literally mean ANYTHING! The FDA considers the word “fragrance” to be trademark, so the company can put whatever nasty ingredient they want to under that word, and they don’t have to tell you it’s in there!

You know what else isn’t great? Parabans (known hormone disrupters) and dyes. These can be found in regular old perfumes and body sprays!

Perfumes and body sprays are actually really toxic, and I really don’t recommend anyone to use them. But no worries! You can easily make a non-toxic switch, that has nothing artificial about it!

That’s right! Essential oils can be used as perfumes too! We like to call them PUREfumes, as it’s literally just the scent from the distilled plant or flower!

With the variety of oils, there are some that don’t really smell all that great and a bad of chips. But there are also ones that you smell and it takes you back to a happy memory. Or, you just really enjoy the smell!

I always get asked what I am wearing! I smile and say “essential oils!” People are amazed that they smell so good! Who wouldn’t want to smell great and gain health benefits at the same time?

A perfume is something which is invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory.

The funny part about that is that I don’t even wear my oils for the scents most of the time! I use them for my health like 90% of the time, but whenever I have a special occasion, like a wedding, a date, or dinner, I use essential oils as my perfume!

So here are 6 essential oils to totally use as perfumes (or PUREfumes)!


Whisper is a blend specifically made for women to wear as a scent! It has warm hints with vanilla, musky hues with Hawaiian sandlewood, soft scents of rose, sweet scents of jasmine, and a spicy touch of cinnamon!

It’s great to wear, especially in the winter and for Holidays!

It comes in a regular essential oil bottle, so you can just dap a few drops on your wrists and on your neck.a


Doterra’s Beautiful Blend is not for sale regularly. They only bring it out for special occasions. But, Christmas is right around the corner, so they are bringing it back starting November 1st! You also get a Ugandan made diffuser bracelet, and a leather case!

Not only does this smell amazing, with zesty, bright, floral, and citrus scents, but it’s also uplifting for your mood! You can also get it anytime as a body mist! This is super silky to your skin, with no greasy residue!


Jasmine is actually an ingredient in the whisper blend, and other uplifting blends! This comes in a handy roller bottle that you can literally just keep in your purse!

Jasmine is a really whafty, floral scent, that is slightly lighter than lavender.

Whenever I wear it, it reminds me of my Gramma (a great side effect for me!).

It’s also great for reducing the appearance of skin imperfections, uplifting to your mood, and promotes a healthy, glowing complexion!

This would be great to wear especially in the spring time, as flowers are blooming, and new life is springing up!


Magnolia is actually a new product of Doterra! I cannot even communicate how amazing this smells!! It is so light, fresh, and sweet to smell! It is definitely not overpowering, so you don’t have to worry about putting too much on!

I will be wearing this all year round!

Magnolia has actually been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese health practices! It’s primary benefits include calming and relaxing your mood, may help keep skin clear and healthy looking, soothing to the skin, and may help ease anxious feelings.

Another great way that I have found to use this is under my eyes on my dark circles!


Lavender is definitely well know for it’s calming abilities. But it also wears well as a great scent! Many people love the smell of lavender, and it’s really just nice to be around.

Did you know that it can also soothe your skin?


Rose is a powerful essential oil, with one of the highest frequencies! It’s emotionally uplifting and great for your skin and complexion!

You can also use it as an all natural lip gloss! Just roll it right on!

This is a great summer scent, as it’s sweet and dry. Rose essential oil is a major classic, and a staple for perfumes! Why not use the real thing?

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Using essential oils as your perfumes and scents is just one easy way to reduce the toxins that we come in contact with and that go in and on our body. I really encourage you to do some research into how toxic regular perfumes are! See for yourself that our bodies are much better without them, and then make the switch to essential oils instead!

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