4 Easy Diffuser Blends for Fall

Diffusing seems to be all the rage these days, right? You see posts all the time on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest about different diffuser blends. Those can be great, but also complicated. You look at the recipe and you have never even heard of like 3 out of the 7 oils! Sound familiar?

While those diffuser blends may smell AMAZING, they definitely over complicate things for beginners!

No worries though!

I am here to help! Since it’s fall right now (or at least supposed to be), I put together 4 easy diffuser blends for fall. Like, blends that are ACTUALLY easy and ACTUALLY smell like fall too!

I tried to come up with blends that only used a few oils at most, and still had great emotional and physical benefits as well! Save these to your Pinterest boards and use them in place of whenever you would use a candle!

So, here you go! 4 Easy Diffuser Blends For Fall!

Crisp Morning Air


My Crisp Morning Air Diffuser Blend smells like a fresh walk in the morning. It’s definitely something to help wake you up! Lemon can help clean the air, and Spearmint is actually amazing for your emotional health. They both are energizing to your mood, and great for helping you get motivated, focused, and out the door!


Apple Orchard


Have you ever gone apple picking with your family or friends? There is something so sweet about the tractor rides, donuts and cider, and of course the fresh apples! It’s an activity that is great for kids and adults alike!

Apple Orchards to me smell amazingly fresh but warm at the same time! That is why I love On Guard and Breathe together! You have the warm cinnamon and clove with a hint of wild orange with On Guard, and the freshness of Breathe!

On Guard is great at promoting a healthy immune system, and Breathe is great at promoting open airways. Perfect for this time of year!


A Walk In The Woods


Who grew up with woods near their house? Well, I didn’t have any woods to walk in near mine, but my Gramma and Grampa did! I remember the smell of the freshly fallen leaves, the moist bark, and the sound of leaves crunching under foot!

Wild Orange brings that great freshness, while Cederwood gives a nice woody hint to it!

Both Wild Orange and Cederwood are well known for their calming properties! Isn’t that interesting that a walk is as well?


Pumpkin Pickin'


Who DOESN’T go and pick pumpkins every year? It’s like one of my favorite things to do! Mini Pumpkins are my jam.

There is definitely a distinct smell you get from pumpkin patches as well!

Kumquat is actually a new one from Doterra, and if you don’t have it, Citrus Bliss may be a good replacement. Citruses are great at uplifting your mood with cooling scents. Then I added in Balance because, other than being my all time favorite essential oil, it has a great, grounding scent to it.

Great for you mood to uplift and ground at the same time!


4 Easy Fall Diffuser Blends

So, I hope you enjoyed these great fall blends if you are a beginner or even a well oily person. Try them out for yourself and let me know how you like it! What some other really great, fall scents? Leave your answer in the comments below!