How To Change Your Life Forever

It’s November! For me, that means it’s Christmas! No worries, I can hear you rolling your eyes at me.

With a new month, comes new Doterra promotions! Now I know that is probably not what you thought I was going to talk about from the title of this blog post, but hang with me. It will all make sense!

So let’s start out with a story

How to change your life forever

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who thought she had her life figured out by age 8 (HA!). She would grow up to be a doctor, be married by age 20, and have the perfect amount of children (which lately, everyone has been saying that number is 4).

She was bold, driven, and a leader already before double digets. Her life was by no means perfect, but she had the plan to make it that way!

Then, she turns 14. She didn’t want to do fun stuff anymore. She didn’t have the energy to shop. To play on her Hockey team. To spend time with friends. She just slept, like all the time.

“She is just lazy!” the doctors would tell her Mother. “Just make her go and do things and she will get over it.” But this Mama Bear knew her child better than that. “What kind of 14 year old, size 5 girl, do you have to FORCE to go shopping?”

After some tug and pull, Mama Bear finally convinced the doctors to do some tests.

“She has mono.” they said. “Let her sleep as long as she wants and she will be better in a few months at most.”

No worries! Mama Bear and this young girl could take a deep breath again as this would only last for a few months, and sleeping it off didn’t sound like such a bad treatment.

Until, months later, it was worse. It never got better. Back to the Doctors Mama Bear took the young girl, and there began their fight.

“She is just lazy!” they started all over again. “Maybe she is pregnant,” they would sneer sideways.

So Doctor after Doctor and test after test, the young girl was finally diagnosed by a freak accident when a young intern didn’t do his job and forgot to take her blood pressure. The Doctor, who actually had a brain, took it herself and made the right diagnosis. POT Syndrome.

After finally getting the right doctors, and a little more confidence, Mama Bear and the young girl started their very long, never ending health journey.

Test after test, medication that didn’t work after medication that didn’t work, and then finally, a wheelchair.

The young girl’s dreams of becoming a Doctor herself were slowly torn away. Her dream of getting married were buried due to terrible men doing terrible things. Her longing for kids of her own were dampened the more research she did into her health conditions. And she was bed ridden.

The young girl didn’t have many real friends, and the ones she did have just didn’t understand.

She finally made it to adult hood and realized she had nothing. Her dreams had been shattered by diagnosis after diagnosis. If it wasn’t for her faith and family, she would literally have been emptied.

Then the doctors gave her the worst diagnosis yet. “We have tried everything. Just hope you get better.”

If God Brings You To It, He Will Bring You Through It

While hope is important, so is action. Do you remember when the young girl was 8? She had a plan, a brave, strong heart, and the mentality of a leader? Well those qualities only got stronger through all of this, and she wasn’t about to just go home and quit!

Within the next few months, an opportunity would come along that would change her life forever. Two different people from Doterra reached out to her and explained how essential oils could not only help with her health, but with her life and future as well! How Doterra is a plan that can provide for her, because she sure couldn’t do that for herself with corporate America.

After a lot of prayer and research, she jumped in. Six months later, she is gaining back her health and out of her wheelchair! She is passionate again about something and has life back in her lungs. Her drive, strength, and determination are being used and being used well. And her skills as a leader can flourish!

I am guessing most of you have guessed by now that this young girl in the story is me. For so long I was defined by things that would happen to me that were out of my own control. But, Doterra has given me that control back!

I have a plan now! I have passion again! I am actually earning money by helping other people, and my income is all up to me without any limits!

I decided to tell you this story today because of the November promotion this month. It is the same one that I enrolled with, and the same one that brought me passion, the same one that changed my life.

For the month of November, enroll with a starter kit as a Wellness Advocate, and you will earn 50 points in completely free product. This promotion, that was also in May 2018, caught my eye a little. “50 point in free product? Not bad!”

At first, I had no idea what the business even consisted of. People were telling me not to go for it, but I felt something pulling me to it.

Sometimes when you are praying for deliverance, God uses the most unexpected thing ever! Why on earth would He use an essential oil company?

Because He knew that the Doterra journey is so much more about making money. It’s about health. It’s about showering love to others. It’s about doing everything you can to make this world a better place. And it’s the biggest personal development journey there is!

So, if this piques your interest at all or you can relate to any part of my story, listen up!

You are capable!

Listen to it again. YOU ARE CAPABLE!

Don’t worry if you have never used an essential oil in your entire life! We train you.

Don’t worry if you are terrified to talk about a product to someone! We guide you.

Don’t worry if you don’t have friends or a community that you think would be interested! We help you build one.

Don’t worry about any fear that pops up into your head that says you are not enough to do this! We are with you every step of the way! Our main purpose is to see you be successful!


So, if you are ready to jump in and change your life forever, or if you are not ready but are just a little curious,Β send me a message!

You will not regret that you did.

This is it. This is how you can change your life forever!

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