How To Take 10 Minutes To Relax This Holiday

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all the joy this Christmas Day!

Right now, I am watching the Christmas Day Parade, while there are cinnamon buns in the oven. These cinnamon buns, though, are not gluten free, so I will not be eating them. I tried making some on Thanksgiving morning. They weren’t a complete bust, but I would much rather have my oatmeal instead.

My sister, her husband, and my niece and nephew will be over soon as well. As soon as they are, the house explodes with activity. My niece is 3 and my nephew is 18 months. It’s a fun age, but man do I ever get tired! So, I savor the stillness until they arrive, remembering that family is worth the extra tired.

I can’t wait to open presents, not because I like to get things, but because I absolutely love to give them! It makes it even more special with little ones in the house. Aubrey loves to hand the presents out, and “help” open the gifts (by help I mean she does it for us). We have to remember to space her gifts out so she doesn’t open them all at once. Do kids like the gifts that they get, or rather the anticipation of finding out what is inside?

Later we will have dinner. We have paired down how many people we invite to dinner this year. We don’t live in a mansion and it just made sense for everyone’s own family. However, our house will still get filled and there will still be noise and excitement.

This noise and excitement is definitely part of Christmas. As an introvert and someone who gets over-stimulated easily, this can be a difficult part of the celebration. I notice it first with the fatigue. I have chronic fatigue, so I am already tired all the time, but this just is a little bit deeper. Then comes the headaches. They start as a little twinge or tension, and then can turn into frustration and strain.

Sometimes we need just 10 minutes to ourselves. Christmas is usually a long day for everyone, and a 10 minute refresh here and there will keep us all going until the day is done. It’s fairly easy. You don’t even need essential oils to do so, but they would definitely be a great addition.

How to take 10 minutes this holiday to relax.

First, find a quiet room. Whether that is someone’s bedroom or even the bathroom, go someplace where you know will be undisturbed. If possible, dim the lights, or only leave a few small ones on. This will help calm your mind from stimulation.

Next, roll your shoulders back, then reach your arms tall above your head and stretch, coming from your ribs. Tension can easily settle in the space between your shoulders. If it has settled in your back too, take your stretch with your arms above your head, and bend all the way over from your hips. Don’t force any strenuous bending. Just relax and loosen up those tense muscles. Slowly release and roll up to standing.

Then, if you have essential oils with you, take out your favorite one. Which ever one has been calling to you lately and which ever one you think smells the best. Our bodies have this amazing way of knowing what we need without us even knowing why. If you aren’t sure which one is your favorite. Take the ones you have with you out and just smell them. Pick the one that entices you. Once you have yours picked, just hold it up to your nose and take 3 deep breaths. As you are doing this, repeat the quote: “I release all tension.” Let your eyelids relax, your eyebrows release, and your tongue fall away from the roof of your mouth. This will trigger the rest of the body to relax, and the constituent of the essential oil will start to work with your body.

My favorite essential oils to relax and refresh.
These all have great calming benefits, and cheer is uplifting.

Place a few drops of this oil over your heart space to get lasting benefits, then go back to the celebration refreshed and alert. This 10 minute practice can be used any time of any day. It doesn’t have to be on a Holiday. You could be at work, doing errands, or at home and just need 10 minutes to relax. Your body and muscles will thank you for it!