5 New Year Resolutions Worth Keeping

Happy New Years Eve! As 2019 is right around the corner, people all over are thinking about how they can make it a great year.

I prefer to make “goals” instead of resolutions for a few reasons.

  1. Resolutions can be made in a negative light. You may say “I ate way too many cookies this Christmas, so starting January I am cutting out all sugar.” Basically you are saying “I failed in this area.” While it is actually a good thing to acknowledge areas where we can grow in, it really won’t be productive or beneficial if it’s not done in a positive way. Positive reinforcement always trumps negative. When you make a goal, you could say, “I do really enjoy cookies, but I know it’s not super healthy for me to eat a ton. So, I will make it my goal to only have one or two sweet things a week.” That is more specific, positive, and you have less of a chance of giving up!
  2. People usually quit resolutions. If by January 10th, you have fallen short once, you tend to give up and have labelled your efforts as a failure. Goals have no time limits either. It’s a process that you are continually working towards.

So anyways, whether you are making goals or resolutions, here are 5 that are totally worth keeping!

1. Reducing Your Toxin Load

We actually use a ton of products every day that are loaded with toxins. We breath it in and let it soak into our skin. There is a movement that is currently picking up steam to educate us on, and reduce those toxins in our homes. So jump on board and start educating yourself about the stuff we actually use day in and day out and what ingredients are inside.

2. Reduce Screen Time

If you don’t know how many hours a day you are on your phone, go into your settings and click on apps. Somewhere in there it should tell you how many hours each app is active. Or you could go into your battery settings, and see how long your screen is on for each day. You will be surprised!

This is one of my personal goals in 2019. I am going to try to shoot for 4 hours at most. I do a lot of work from my phone, so that is why I even have it that high.

3. Go For A Walk 5 Times A Week

My ability to be active is pretty low due to my chronic illness. Most days though, I can do a 5 minute walk. Everyone knows that walking has so, so many benefits, physically and emotionally, so whether it’s 5 minutes or 30 minutes, go for more walks. This would also be a great opportunity to disconnect and leave your phone at home.

4. Have More Experiences Than More Stuff

If you think back to all of your favorite memories, I bet they are about doing things rather then getting things. Do you remember the Christmas gifts you got two years ago? Or do you remember the family get togethers, Christmas dinner, or the kid’s Christmas play?

Having more experiences is, in my opinion, an amazing way to spend your money, while investing into relationships at the same time. Give it a try this year, and plan a few more activity days then you normally do this year.

Some fun ideas for day trips are:

An art museum
The Ballet
The Orchestra 
A Beach day
A Volunteer Night
Ice Skating
The Fair
A Theme Park

5. Grow Something

Whether it be one single plant or a whole garden, taking the time to grow and care for plants is something that is very therapeutic. It has emotional benefits like being needed, and also physical ones like plants cleaning your air.

I personally love succulents, but I also have an ivy plant. They are great for beginners because they are super simple to take care of (future blog post to come!).

Pick something that works with you personal style, personality, and the amount of light that it needs. Take this fun quiz to see what type of plant best suits you!   

I hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing, and really sparks some ideas for you. Let’s make 2019 the best year yet! Leave me some of your goals in the comments! When you claim them to others, it really helps them to stick.