4 Healthy Habits You Should Start

If you don’t know, I have a chronic illness called POT Syndrome. It’s not very fun, and my autonomic nervous system basically gets to decide when it wants to work and when it doesn’t. It makes life a little bit more interesting, but has really given me the motivation to be conscious about how my choices impact my body. If I make healthy choices, it can make small differences to how I am feeling that day. And guys, this can’t just be true for people with chronic illnesses.

So, I try to make healthy habits to support my body as best I can. For a while, I tried to work around my health, but quickly realized that it was not helping, and that I really have to nurture my body and work with my health.

Certain things that work for me currently are:

  1. Eating fresh foods without preservatives
  2. Essential Oils
  3. Rest when I need it
  4. Very Very small exercise when possible
  5. Doing things that make me happy
  6. A ton of water

I am always looking for more ways to support my body and keep it healthy and these ideas have been on my mind to create into habits! I thought that I would share them with you if you wanted to jump on board with some more healthy habits!

So, here are 4 healthy habits that you should start this year too!

1. Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a method of gently getting rid of dry skin cells on the surface of you skin, so that your body can get rid of toxins easier, because it stimulates your lymphatic system. It can also increase your blood flow, and can help with beautiful, glowing skin. It’s becoming pretty popular, and I am all about reducing toxins in our bodies. So, I am going to give this healthy habit a try! Who wants a how-to-dry brush blog post?

2. Detox Foot Baths

So a lot of our toxins that build up in our bodies can settle in our feet. So, it just makes sense to detox your feet! This is actually something that I have wanted to start doing for a while as well, because Epsom salts can contain magnesium, and magnesium is amazing for our health. I actually already take magnesium from my doctor, but I wanted to find other ways to fit that in there.

Here is the recipe that I will be using:

1/2 Cup Epsom salts
2 Tablespoons Baking Soda
3 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

3. See a Chiropractor

Okay, so I have actually been seeing a Chiropractor for years. I absolutely love her, and she is so personally invested in my health! The problem is, I typically don’t show up until I have thrown my back out and I have a massive pinch that goes from the top of my hip all the way down to my toes. Like seriously, one time, the whole side of my right foot was numb!

Seeing a Chiropractor and getting adjusted lines up your spine. Your spinal cord runs through your spine, and that connects to different functions of the body. If your back is out or has a pinch in it somewhere, your spinal cord can’t work to it’s full potential. Therefore, keeping your back lined up helps your body to just work well.

So, I am definitely going to be putting more effort into seeing her regularly! I am thinking like every other week.

4. Meditate

Meditation is great for energy, focus, and just relaxing. I actually wrote a paper on it once, and it’s very interesting in the way it actually builds your brain over time! I understand that some people aren’t on board with it, and that’s fine. You do you.

I also tried this a little last year, but never made a habit out of it. I really want to meditate for just 5 minutes a day.

My meditation method is pretty simple! I set my intention that it will be beneficial to my energy, then I turn on some nature sounds like birds in the woods or a quiet beach. Then I go through all of my muscles and try to relax each one. Typically if your eyebrows, tongue, and fists are relaxed, the rest of your body should be as well.

I count my breath, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (breathing in), 4, 3, 2, 1, (breathing out). When my mind wanders to anything, I just bring it right back to counting.

Pretty easy, right?

Meditation isn’t so much about emptying your mind, but rather quieting it.

Instead of focusing on your breathing, you could focus on a Bible verse, a promise from God, or even just prayer.

So those are the healthy habits that I personally am going to add to my list and create into habits!

I hope that you guys will join me in making these healthy activities habits in your own life! Be intentional about taking care of your body, and your body will take care of you. Let me know which one(s) you are going to try first!