4 Affordable Swaps For A Healthier Lifestyle

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A big reason that people don’t put a ton of effort into having a healthier lifestyle is because it can be expensive. While I personally am okay spending more on something that matters, some people aren’t, and I totally understand that. It’s hard to spend more on something that you don’t see immediate results from.

However, in the oily world, we have a saying that I love and live by.

You will either pay for your health now or later

This is referring to very high medical costs in America. So, you have a choice to either pay for your health now with healthier options, or you can pay for medical bills later in life because of sickness. Scary, but true!

Not everything that is healthy and good for you is expensive though! I think healthier options get blanketed as such, so people don’t even bother looking into it more.

Well no worries! I have found 4 affordable swaps for a healthier lifestyle for you! Because you can do healthy.

1. Deodorant

If you haven’t heard how bad store bought deodorant is for you, where have you been? Deodorants can have aluminum, parabans, sulfates, phthalate, talc, and synthetic fragrance in them. We are clogging our pores that we sweat out toxins with more toxins. It is seriously bad for our bodies and I reccomend to everyone that they swap to a natural one ASAP!

I use ones from doTERRA, but there are also more all natural ones out there, and they are actually affordable! Check these out!

doTERRA’s All Natural Balance Deodorant is only $8.75

doTERRA’s Beautiful Blend Deodorant is also only $8.75

Native Deodorant is $12.00

2. Plastic Containers

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently stated that using plastic containers for food can be harmful to children. Companies put a ton of additives in the plastic that can transfer to your food when you heat it. Instead, they recommend using glass containers.

My thought is that if it’s noticeably dangerous for children, why should adults risk it too? We all know that BPA can be harmful, so switch to glass containers for leftovers and taking your lunch to work! They will most likely last way longer than plastic too, and they are better for the environment.

Here is a set of glass containers from Amazon for just $36!

Also, here is that research on plastic containers.

3. Household Cleaners

Household cleaners:

  1. Contain very scary and harmful ingredients that the American Lung Association warns against
  2. Are expensive and are literally bad for your health
  3. Don’t make sense to buy!

Seriously, don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. American Lung Association on Cleaning Supplies and Household Cleaners.

I clean my WHOLE house with just the all natural On Guard Concentrate from doTERRA. It cleans sinks, counters, floors, tubs, toilets, showers, windows, surfaces, and even makeup brushes! It is gentle but actually cleans easily and effectively, not to mention it smells amazing like apple pie.

It’s also cheaper for me to buy the cleaning concentrate then regular household cleaners too! It costs $14.50 wholesale for a bottle. You put 3 oz in 24 oz spray bottle of water (glass or stainless steal, not plastic), and that is my whole household cleaner for the month. It can make up to 15-18 spray bottles, so that means it costs me less that $1 per 24 oz, and that lasts me sometimes longer than a month!

So, if you want to actually save money, clean better, and be safe while cleaning, check out the On Guard Concentrate for $14.50.

4. Dryer Sheets

I literally cringe a little when I hear that people use these. Like the type of cringe that makes me angry at the companies and really sad for the people who are using them.

They can contain neurotoxins, synthetic fragrances, respiratory irritants, known carcinogens (aka cause cancer), and nervous system disrupters. Not good stuff at all!

These are also one of the easiest things to swap too. Almost any grocery store will carry some type of dryer ball. Get the wool ones if you can. I am allergic to wool so I am stuck with the plastic ones for now.

Dryer balls are also reusable so they are better for the environment as well as you and your families health. A well worth swap!

They are also fairly inexpensive. Amazon has this set of 6 hypoallergenic dryer balls for $7.95, and this set of 4 plastic ones for $5.99.

If you still want the scent that you would typically get with dryer sheets, use your favorite doTERRA essential oil. Purify, Wild Orange, On Guard, and Cheer are some of my favorites.

So those are some really affordable swaps for a healthier lifestyle. It’s little beginnings and movements like those that will really make a difference to your health long term. I encourage everyone to do a little research on the products that we use in our every day routines. Those are the ones that you come into contact with more, and those are the ones that can really impact your health for better or worse.

If you are interested in joining this health movement and want me as your personal mentor and coach, click here! I am so passionate about your health and am ready to give you the tools to live better!