My Favorite Healthy Snacks

So I am supposed to have like 4 smaller meals a day. Have you ever asked a family what they want for dinner and you get those silent stares and then they leave it up to you? I am actually both people in this!

It’s really hard for me to come up with meal ideas, so instead, I eat like 3 meals and a snack around like 3pm.

Snacking is almost dangerous though! It’s so so so easy to just reach for something unhealthy. The sugar in them can make you want even more than you need to be full though, so a snack can quickly become an unhealthy meal!

I also notice a big difference when I eat something fresh versus something processed. Fresh snacks actually give me energy, while processed snacks can make me feel even more sluggish. Not really the outcome I am looking for at 3pm, right?

You are what you eat

So I try to be really conscious and aware of the things that I am snacking on, because the whole point is to serve my body, not to make it feel worse!

At first, it seemed like I couldn’t snack on anything. After really getting into it though, I found really yummy snacks that I crave, that are also healthy!

My rule of thumb that I try to stick to is if it comes from a factory then it has to be organic. If it comes from a farm, then it’s good (but also preferably organic)!

Another way to find healthy snacks are to just take your favorite snack, and find the healthier version!

That brings me to my first healthy snack!

1. Organic Blue Corn Chips

I am supposed to have salty foods actually because that, plus water, helps to increase my blood pressure naturally (not your normal medical condition haha). Salty snacks that are processed though can quickly make me feel bloated instead of energized. Have you ever felt bloated? The last thing you feel when you are bloated is energy.

So instead of the salty, processed snacks, I switched to Organic Blue Corn Chips! I personally like the taste of these better than original corn chips, and they are free of preservatives and artificial flavors or colors, and gluten free. They go really well with some garlic humus or artichoke dip!

2. Unsalted Almonds

Another of my favorite snacks are just plain, unsalted almonds. I actually have to be really careful not to eat too many of these because they are so snackable!

I love to carry these with me as a snack, because they don’t need a certain temperature, and they are durable enough to not get crushed in my bag! I find the perfect thing to pair with them are dried cranberries and white cheddar cheese.

I know I am supposed to have salt, but I seriously can’t stand salted almonds, and it’s a healthier option for everyone else too!

3. Fresh Pineapple

I have recently discovered fresh pineapple! I am much more of a sweets eater than a savory snacker, so this is seriously perfect for me to cut my sweet tooth! I don’t think there is anything better than cold fruit!

4. Almond Butter

I also like organic almond butter with apples or bananas. Or almond butter on gluten free toast. You can even layer fruit over top of that!

5. Flour Free Cookies

Okay, my last favorite healthy snack is actually a cookie! It’s a flour free cookie, so using gluten free oats makes this recipe gluten free too! I also like to add in a squirt of honey and some preservative-free chocolate chips. To me, it tastes just as good as any chocolate chip cookie, and it actually fills me so I am not eating like 5 of them at a time.

Check out the recipe!

These are also really easy to meal prep if you prep snacks in there too. My goal is to totally get really good at meal prepping because oh my goodness, it’s a lifesaver! It makes it so much easier to choose healthier options!

If you have any meal prep tips for me, leave them in the comments! Let me know too if you already eat or are going to try any of my favorite snacks!

Thanks for the read guys, and I hope that my favorite healthy snacks have inspired you to find your own go-to healthier options! Because it’s 100% true, you are what you eat!