How To Take Care Of Succulents For Beginners

So I am in no way a plant expert! But, my Mom has a green thumb and is teaching me her ways. I do love plants, and succulents are just my favorite!

I love how they are small and so pretty!

I currently have two succulents in my room and one ivy plant. My room is kind of in the shaded side of the house, so doesn’t get a lot of sun, but I have still managed to keep my plants healthy, and so I thought I would share it with you!

I believe my one succulent (the shorter green one) is an Echeveria, but I have no clue on my other one. I looked far and wide on the internet, but can’t tell what exactly it is. If you know succulents, and you know what it is called, please tell me in the comments!

Where Do I Put Them?

So both of these require sunlight. I get maybe like an hour of direct sunlight, but as long as it’s sunny, get tons of indirect sunlight. So I put them right on my window sill and they love it there. They are growing very very tall and hearty! I am not sure what I am going to do with them once they get bigger!

These have also both been through some trauma unfortunately. There was a wind storm one summer night, and they both took some injuries.

The one’s stalk and roots just cracked, not broke, so I tied him to a stick to help support the little guy and he is doing well.

The Echeveria took a little bit more damage though. The whole top of him snapped off completely. I wasn’t sure if that would be too much for him to take or not, but surprisingly he is doing just fine. He even has a little sprout on the top starting where it broke off!

How Often Do I Water Them?

One thing I have noticed is that you can’t get their leaves wet. When you do, they shrivel up and die. So, I went and got a small, indoor watering can with a long, thin spout so I can direct the water where I want it to be. This works perfect!

I don’t water them everyday. The pots that they are in do not have wholes on the bottom to drain, so I just check the soil often. When it is getting dry, I give it a bit more water. I end up watering them about once a week.

Where Did I Get Them?

I ended up just getting them at either the grocery store or the hardware store. This is always what happens. I walk into the store and they have them on display. Only, the store workers aren’t taking care of them or watering them so they look so so poorly. So I pick one to take home and see if I can revive the little guy. So far I have been able to!

Have You Had Any Die?

Unfortunately I have had some die. I bought a big pot and had like 3 very small succulents in it. I watered it often enough, but my problem was I put them in the corner of my room! There was zero direct sunlight there, and slowly they started dying.

I learned my lesson from that one, and if I do get anymore, I will make sure that they are small enough to fit on my window. Oh, and I will also make sure to check the weather before I go to sleep, and shut the windows if there is a wind storm!

Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.
This is my favorite nature quote.

Thankfully, my succulents are pretty easy to care for. I am definitely still a beginner at this, but if I can do it, you can too! The basics are:

  1. Put them in a place where you have the required sunlight they need. Some are different! Check the little card that they come with.
  2. If there isn’t any drainage in them, check them often before you water them.
  3. Don’t get them wet!
  4. Don’t move them too often. They don’t appreciate it and may start growing funny or even die.

Do you have a natural green thumb, or did you have to cultivate yours like mine? (Mine is also still a work in progress!)