My Favorite Winter Diffuser Blends

So here in New York, we are in the heart of winter. We have had a pretty standard winter so far, which consists of cold weather below 30 degrees and a few blizzards. Not too big of a deal.

I used to be big into candles because they can easily set the mood and I loved a cozy smell in the cold of winter. I don’t burn candles at all now because of the toxins that are bad for the environment and for your health. Read a short article here if you want to know more.

So instead, I switched to diffusing for the amazing cozy smells. With diffusing, you have more control over the scent, but with that control leads to lots of choices, which can get pretty confusing!

You have all of these oils and you don’t know where the heck to even start. That’s okay, I have been there! I have experimented a lot, and come up with a few of my favorites that you can easily use for yourself.

1. A Fresh Winter Walk

A Fresh Winter Walk
4 drops Breathe
4 Drops Siberian Fir
A Fresh Winter Walk Diffuser Blend

So this one I named because I imagine just strolling through a very quiet, undisturbed forest or woods. It’s both fresh and woodsy, and I can almost here the crunching of the snow under my feet, and the feel the cold, refreshing air in my lungs, energizing me when I breathe.

I actually started diffusing this blend at night because I was getting stuffy when I slept. Breathe is awesome for promoting open airways and easy breathing, so I new I needed to start diffusing it. Breathe smells okay on it’s own, but I really wanted something else to compliment it and really pull it all together.

So, I chose my absolute favorite smelling essential oil to go with it. Siberian Fir! This has become my comfort oil for some reason. I just absolutely love the smell of it, and it’s just so cozy, fresh, and relaxing.

It’s also a fresh smelling oil, like Breathe, so it paired very well, and it is now my go-to night time diffuser blend!

2. Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy Diffuse Blend
4 drops Holiday Joy
2 drops Peppermint
2 drops Bergamot
Sugar Plum Fairy Diffuser Blend

I don’t know why, but this blend totally reminds me of the Sugar Plum Fairy. I love the ballet, and to me, the Sugar Plum Fairy is sophisticated but fun, kind of like this diffuser blend!

So the Holiday Joy is the base of this blend. It’s what you should be smelling most when you diffuse it. Holiday Joy smells like a mix of cranberries and Christmas. Like an old general store at Christmas time. It’s vintage with just a hint of fruity.

Then the Peppermint makes it fresh and gives it a little bit of a punch. It’s the second layer of the blend but is not at all overwhelming. It makes it smell slightly like a candy cane, which is why you need the Bergamot.

Bergamot really finishes this diffuser blend off. Bergamot is also slightly citrusy, but it’s really fresh, airy, and feminine. It really wraps up the whole scent to remind me of a beautiful queen inviting Clara into her whimsical kingdom.

Did you know that diffusing is actually cheaper then buying most candles? It also gives you added emotional and physical support!

3. Cozy Fireplace Evening

Cozy Fireplace Evening Diffuser Blend
4 drops Balance
3 drops On Guard
2 drops Wild Orange
2 drops Cederwood
Cozy Fireplace Evening Diffuser Blend

My ideal winter is lots of snow everywhere but the roads, gets dark at around 7pm, you get cozy around the fireplace with big fluffy blankets and read your favorite book. Oh, and it only lasts until December 31st.

That is not quite what winter actually looks like but you can dream, right? Well in that dream, this is what it smells like.

You have a slight muskiness from the burning wood, which reminds me a bit of Balance. Balance is musky but also has a sweet hint to it, which makes it a perfect base.

Then, the On Guard has a cozy smell that is almost like warm apple pie, which is exactly what I want to be eating while around a cozy fireplace!

Lastly, just a touch of Wild Orange and Cederwood. Wild Orange gives it just a touch more of a fruity smell, and Cederwood just a small amount more of a musky, burning fire place to wrap up this scent (which also has the added benefit of being very calming).

4. Dreaming About Summer

Dreaming About Summer Diffuser Blend
4 drops Spearmint
3 drops Bergamot
2 drops Lime
Dreaming About Summer Diffuser Blend

Okay so as you probably know by now, the shorter the winter for me, the better. It really takes a toll on my nervous system, and when that is not working well, you feel terrible. So, the warmer the weather, the better!

Dreaming of summer and our beach vacations really helps me to get through these cold months. So, I have a diffuser blend to help put me in the mood for that too!

These are all very summery smells and bring together the scent of the ocean for me! My favorite place!

So Spearmint is the base. It’s fresh and smells exactly like you think Spearmint would smell!

Then we add in the Bergamot. This is a really airy, feminine scent, and compliments the Spearmint well to create a warm air smell.

Lastly is Lime. You just need a little bit of this to get that pinch of sea-like air and bring the whole blend together to make your house smell like the beach!

So those are my favorite winter diffuser blends! They are fairly simple so you can easily recreate them too.

If you like to experiment yourself with diffuser blends, but don’t want to waist any oils diffusing something you don’t like, here is a tip! Open up all of the essential oil bottles that you want to blend together and just hold them all up to your nose at once. This will help to see if they compliment each other well, without actually using any of them.

Let me know what your favorite diffuser blends are in the comments below!