6 Ways To Pamper Yourself With Essential Oils

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Who needs a good pamper night? I know in the middle of winter, I sure could! Winter is the perfect time to get cozy and focus on pampering yourself for 30 minutes to an hour. I know that can seem long, but it’s not like you do it even every week.

It can be hard to find the time to give yourself a little pamper night, so schedule it in! What will make it easier to stick to, is if you invite some of you friends over and have a girls-in pamper night!

While you are at it, use some essential oils in your pamper night! They are perfect for pampering because they are great for you mood, emotions, and skin. All important aspects of pampering yourself!

So here are 6 ways to pamper yourself with essential oils

1. Mud Mask

Doterra has a detoxifying mud mask that is perfect for promoting clear skin and removing toxins. It’s very cooling and you only need a tiny amount for your whole face!

I also use this as a spot treatment and under arm detox.

In fact, doTERRA has a whole spa line!

2. Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salts are great to put in a nice, warm bath to soak, relax your muscles, and read a good book. Some contain magnesium which is also really great for your body and emotions!

You can add like 10ish drops of your favorite essential oil to around a cup of epsom salts and dump it in.

Some really great ones to use would be:




Siberian Fir

Wild Orange


Pink Pepper


Or, you can take off the caps and droppers of your empty essential oil bottles, and let them soak in a container of epsom salts! That way you get every last drop of your essential oils, and then you can dumb those epsom salts into your bath!

If you aren’t a bath taker or don’t have access to one, your shower can act like a diffuser.

Turn your shower on and let it get steamy, then add around 3 drops of your favorite essential oil right in the shower.

If you are a night time showerer, you could use:


Siberian Fir



These are all calming oils.

If you are a morning showerer, you could benefit from:

Peppermint and Wild Orange



These are all invigorating oils!

3. Meditation or Yoga

I love both meditation and yoga, because you are intentionally relaxing your whole body. It’s very very calming and I always feel more energized afterwards!

It’s also a great environment for me to just sit and quiet my mind to focus on anything that God wants me the know or remember.

Essential oils can totally help with this!

You could use Balance and Serenity to calm your body and your mind, Frankincense to help you go into a deeper concentration, and Cheer or Elevation to uplift your mood!

Doterra also has a kit specifically for yoga and meditation, called their Yoga Collection! It has 3 different blends, Align, Anchor, and Arise, all to help in different aspects. Go check it out! I am excited to start using it!

4. Uplift Your Mood

Sometimes I get a serious case of the grumpies. Like not just a little upset, like seriously grumpy. Sometimes that can be the que that I need to take some time for myself to relax and think through things that may have happened for me to be so grumpy.

Also, it makes me grumpy when I realize I am grumpy. Please tell me this happens to someone else! I am already upset for a reason, but then I get doubly bugged because I know how stupid it is to be grumpy!

So to break that chain, I use uplifting oils! Here is a list of my favorites:





Wild Orange

Holiday Joy

This is probably the quickest way to pamper yourself as it just takes two seconds to whip out an oil and put some on your wrists and chest (a great place to put oils when using them for emotions).

5. Yarrow/POM for Skin and Nail Health

Yarrow/POM is one of their newly release essential oils. It is a combination of two different oils, Yarrow, from the Yarrow Tree, and Pomegranate. These two oils together make a power house for overall health. It’s filled with antioxidants, which everyone knows is excellent for your body!

A great way to use this is to promote healthy skin and healing! So, after you have taken off your doTERRA mud mask, rub some Yarrow/POM into your skin to help with hydration and restoration. It will turn your skin blue until it sinks in all the way, so be warned!

If you are doing your nails on this pamper night too, rub some of this into your cuticles and nails to support their health as well.

People are finding amazing benefits from this oil from things like scars to weight loss!

6. Non-Toxic Perfume

Perfume is definitely a staple to a pamper night, whether it’s with your friends or just yourself! Everyone loves to smell amazing!

But what you may not know is that perfume is not what it used to be. Now it can be filled with synthetic fragrances, parabans, and dyes, which can all be harmful.

I typically use essential oils for physical or emotional benefits, but you can also use them for their smells! Not all of them smell amazing, but here is a list that does!









All of these are awesome because they not only smell great, but have amazing emotional and physical benefits to them!

And for your man!



Douglas Fir

Siberian Fir

These all have a muskier tone to them, so he can use them as a non-toxic cologne!

So take these ideas and schedule yourself and some friends an AMAZING pamper night with essential oils!

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