Why I Started Dry Brushing And You Should Too

So I have heard a little about dry brushing here and there, but never actually considered doing it for myself, until around January. I was looking for some new healthy habits to start, and this one seemed simple enough!

I heard that it was great for your skin, but what really sold me was that it was great for promoting healthy circulation, blood flow, and nervous system support. I need all of that from my POT Syndrome!!

The more I looked into it, the more I liked what I saw. It not only helps with circulation, but also with stimulating your lymph nodes (drains toxins), exfoliates your skin, and unclogs pours! So all of the benefits include:

  • Healthy circulation and blood flow
  • Stimulates your nervous system
  • Exfoliates your skin
  • Unclogs pours
  • Promotes a healthy digestion
  • Drains toxins from your lymph nodes
  • Promotes healthy looking skin

So, I dove in and bought a dry brush from Target (because target is life!!!). It’s just a simple round one, but I like that because it doesn’t take up a ton of space.

Dry brushing benefits with pink pepper

It’s also a great way to get oils onto you!

My favorites are Slim and Sassy to promote a healthy metabolic system, and Pink Pepper to promote a healthy nervous system! They work great for dry brushing, and I like to switch them back and forth every so often.

So here is how to dry brush!

Add around 4-5 drops of your oil of choice. Yarrow/POM and Frankincense would also be great options.

Then, follow this chart! Start from your feet. The heals of my feet can get pretty dry, so I scrub them kind of hard to exfoliate them really well.

How to dry brush chart

Then, do your legs. You always want to brush towards your heart, so stroke up the front of your legs, do it again all the way around your leg.

Then move to your thighs, and do the same thing. Then I do my butt and hips, stroking upwards. Then my arms in the same way.

When you get to your abdomen, go around in circles a few times to stimulate your digestive system. Then lastly, very very gently around your breasts.

Do this right before you get into the shower! Also, make sure that you are being very gentle when you do this. The first couple of times you do this, your skin will be very sensitive. But, as you do it more and more, it will get less sensitive and you will have beautiful skin!

I have only been doing it for about a month, and have already totally noticed a difference with my skin! It’s so soft and smooth already, and draining toxins from your body can totally help promote a healthy complexion!

After I get out of the shower, I will spray the beautiful blend body spray all over, and my skin is like legit silk!

This is a very easy healthy habit to start doing yourself! That’s what this brand is all about. Bringing real health tips to real people. Healthy is doable! You can do healthy!