My Workout Must-Haves

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So I recently started to get serious about my fitness. It’s nothing crazy to the regular person as I have to be super mindful about what and how I do things.

If my heart rate goes up too high, my blood pressure will drop and I will pass out. Because exercising is supposed to get your heart rate up, things can get a bit tricky for me. But, I am working through it and figuring out my do’s and don’ts with POT Syndrome.

Like anyone, I have my favorite things that help me with my workouts, and thought that I would share them with you! So here are my Workout Must-Haves!

1. Essential Oils

Okay, so everyone knows that I love essential oils and that I use them for every area of my life, so it should be no surprise to you that I have essential oils for exercising.

Slim and Sassy:

This is doTERRA’s metabolic blend. That means that it has a lot of different oils in it that help support a healthy metabolism, and adrenals. This means it helps support energy, weight loss, cravings, and even thyroid. I take 2-3 drops internally with a veggie cap about a half an hour before I workout.

There is also pre-made softgels, Slim and Sassy Gum, and some Shakes!


Motivate is another blend from doTERRA, but this blend is actually originally for emotions. It’s meant to do exactly what it’s named for, motivate you! While it helps emotionally, it also helps physically. I roll it down the back of my neck, on my chest, and on the bottoms of my feet for motivation and energy. It has peppermint in it, which also helps with endurance. It totally smells like a peppermint patty to me!

Deep Blue Rub:

This is actually another blend from doTERRA, but it’s in a lotion form. It’s like a natural icy hot, without the toxins. It cools and soothes sore and achy muscles, but it also helps to reduce the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles from exercising which can cause soreness too. When I am really really sore I will rub some Copaiba over the top of the Deep Blue Rub, and take some internally. Sore muscles are real when it comes to building your muscles and endurance!

You can actually get this for free, along with the 5ml essential oil that I use in a lot of pain blends with any 200pv order. That means you can get this whether you are a member, or whether you are ready to become a member! The Home Essentials Kit will get you these for free, plus it comes with the top 10 oils that can help replace 80% of your medicine cabinet!


Okay, I just now realized that I use a ton of blends to help with exercise! This one is a blend as well. No worries, the next one isn’t! Anyways, Arise is from doTERRA’s Yoga Collection and it smells amazing! I made a Yoga Mat Spray with it and spray down my yoga mat with it before I exercise. It’s nice to get a little aromatherapy too when you are working out. This blend has citruses in it, so it is energizing!


Last one, and this ISN’T a blend. Lemongrass is the type of oil that isn’t heard of much, but is actually super useful. You can use it as an all natural pest deterrent in the summer, but it also is amazing for pain and sore muscles! You can dilute it and apply it straight to the sight. When using essential oils topically, it can start effecting your cells within minutes!

Lemongrass is also the product of the month in March, so if you are already a member, make sure to order your 125pv LRP to get this!

2. Yoga Mat

This Yoga Mat from Target is my favorite one that I have owned. It’s fairly affordable and super supportive. My other one was really thin and would slip all over the place, but this one is nice and thick! I love it because then I can exercise without shoes on, and it absorbs the sound a little so it’s not super loud downstairs.

I have it in the color blue!

3. Foam Roller

This Foam Roller is also from Target. I love Target and get about 95% of everything from there (except essential oils. Do not buy essential oils from Target, even to just diffuse). This one also comes with an exercise video on how to use the foam roller more, but I don’t use it like that.

Instead, I will lay flat on my back on it, and that helps to build up my core muscles. I also use it to roll out my very sore muscles after I exercise, to help them relax and not be so sore. My Physical Therapist actually recommended it to me and I love it!

4. Workout Clothes

I am the type of person that likes a cute outfit, even when I am working out and getting sweaty. It totally motivates me! I don’t have a lot, but my collection is growing.

These are some super affordable leggings from Aerie, called Chill Leggings. I love the color and thickness of them! I don’t know if it’s just because I have high hips, but they don’t set the best on me and tend to slide down a bit. But I still like them!

This is also the sports bra to match.

This is the tank top that I like to pair it with if I am out and about too. It’s from Old Navy, and is super soft but airy and doesn’t cling to me at all! I have it in the color Iceberg.

So that is my workout must-haves! I not only use these daily at home, but will probably even bring them with me on vacation!

If you wanted to get started with some of the essential oils and get some deals this month, let me know and I can help you get the kit that fits your budget and your needs the best! The links that I have for the oils are priced at retail, and I don’t want you buying retail. You will be paying 25% MORE, and will miss out on a bunch of perks. You get a ton of free stuff as a member, access to me as your mentor and health educator, and also free ongoing education!

So here is to working out, and all the things that help us do that!