Easy DIY Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is pretty popular (um for obvious reasons). If you have never been in a situation where you need it, you either;

1. Don’t have kids

2. Don’t have a job

3. Didn’t go to college

4. Don’t have to be anywhere before 9am

4. Basically don’t have a life

Obviously I am joking, but my point is that everyone has probably been in a situation where dry shampoo totally saves your bad hair day.

I personally have to be very strategic about my showers. Between the hot water (this girl ain’t eva gonna take a cold shower on purpose), prolonged standing, and having my arms up above my chest, it’s just a recipe for passing out at worst, and creating even more fatigue at best

So, when I come home from church at 9pm and have to be up at 7am then next morning, I opt for holding off washing my hair another day.

I am also working on oil training my hair, so dry shampoo is a must!

My hair is pin straight naturally, so you can tell like the second that it needs washed! I can’t hide anything. So I either wear a hat, or pull out the old, handy dandy dry shampoo!

Also, I have a confession to make. I have never ever used store bought dry shampoo. No judgement if you have, I just never went out and bought it. Instead I was using baby powder. The same brand that the lady sued for causing her cancer. Yikes!

I always noticed a slight headache after using it, probably from inhaling a little (because you can’t not inhale some unless you wear a mask) and my very easily irritable sinuses.

So instead I switched to a natural, easy diy dry shampoo! The store bought ones usually aren’t that good for you either, and this is seriously just so easy. Here is what you will need!


1. Corn Starch

2. Cocoa Powder

3. Small shaker container similar to a baby powder one

4. Toothpick

5. Sticker

After you have your supplies, fill your container roughly 1/2 full of the cornstarch. Cornstarch will act like the baby powder and soak up the extra oils of your hair when it’s dirty.

Next, you add in a bit of cocoa powder. This is so that when you put the cornstarch on your scalp, it won’t leave your hair white. You want to add in and use the tooth pick to stir the cocoa powder until the mixture roughly matches the color of your hair.

I have darker roots, so I filled the other half with cocoa powder to match my color.

Then you can use the toothpick to stir and combined, but what I did was just closed the top and gave it a really really good shake!

An optional step that I will add into mine is adding 10-20 drops of both Rosemary and Lavender essential oils. These are both really great oils to use to promote healthy hair!

All Natural Dry Shampoo

Lastly, slap a sticker on it! I got mine from ShareOils.com. Not sponsored, I just really like all of their handy oil supplies.

Then you can use it exactly like you would baby powder!

It’s very simple, affordable, and easy to do this yourself, and it’s better for you and your hair.