Spring Must Haves

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Okay, so I think that Spring is actually here! Like, no more surprise snows here in New York!

That makes me so happy, especially after the long, hard, cold winter we just had in the 2018-2019 year.

So, Spring means spring cleaning, cleaning up the gardens and yard, switching out winter and spring/summer clothes, more walks and sunshine, and planning vacations!

As always, I have my favorite essential oils to use during this season too. So here are my Spring Must Haves!

1. Lavender

Lavender is a pretty popular/common essential oil because people love it for all things calming to your mood and emotions, because it contains the natural chemical constituent called Linolool.

But, did you know that it can be calming to your skin too? So, if you are out in the garden and get some skin irritation, or you have a very itchy bug bite, apply some Lavender to it!

Or, if you or your littles end up with minor cuts, scrapes, bumps, bruises while playing outside, you can apply Lavender to that as well as it helps to promote healing.

It’s also very soothing and healing to skin when you have had too much sunshine.

Lastly, it’s a natural antihistamine, so I love to use it with any seasonal stuffiness. I either diffuse it, or take it internally (I only do that with doTERRA essential oils, only use one to two drops at a time, and never give children essential oils internally). It’s an amazing back-pocket oil for warmer months!

2. TriEase

TriEase is doTERRA’S Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint blend in pre-made softgels. Lavender is a natural antihistamine like we said before, Lemon helps to reduce mucus, and Peppermint helps to promote open airways. All three together are just amazing for seasonal stuffiness and seasonal threats!

I used to make them in veggie caps, but you can’t pre-make them because they are designed to dissolve very quickly. The TriEase is in softgels though so that means they are very portable and don’t have to carry around all three oils and the veggie caps. Super easy, super effective, and they are 10% off this month in April!

3. TerraShield

TerraShield is doTERRA’S Environmental Threats Spray. Basically an all natural bug repellent. My Mom and I have the worst time with bugs and bug bites. We always get pretty bitten up and those bug bites will swell for us! When we do get bit, we put some Lavender on it! But, no one actually wants to get bit in the first place, so I used this like crazy all last Spring and Summer, and guys, it’s amazing!

I don’t smell like a garbage truck while wearing it (it actually smells really nice and now I relate that smell to summer), and it’s not filled with EXTREMELY toxic chemicals like regular bug repellents are. Like seriously, if you want to reduce your toxic load this Spring and Summer, start with TerraShield.

It’s also safe to use on kids and pets!

4. Deep Blue Rub

So in the Spring, we do a lot of lifting, moving, shifting, and more walking. We just use our muscles more because there is more to do, right? Well when we awake muscles that have been unused all winter, we are bound to be a bit sore. Deep Blue Rub is a lifesaver for this!

It’s very soothing and cooling to to sore muscles and really helps support your body with pain. This stuff is literally amazing!

5. On Guard Concentrate

This is doTERRA’S all natural, all purpose cleaner. I clean my WHOLE house with this; bathrooms, bedrooms, surfaces, sinks, toilets, showers, floors, all of it. This can also be use to clean cars, tools, campers, stains, really anything.

It smells amazing, and is also amazing at cleaning, without any chemicals.

When I clean in general, or go hard core Spring cleaning (as hard core as a chronically ill person can clean), this is what I use. It costs maybe $2 per 24oz spray bottle as well, so it’s completely budget friendly green cleaning!

6. Peppermint

Pests, like ants and spiders, HATE Peppermint (pure Peppermint). So in the Spring when they all come out, put like 20-40 drops of Peppermint in a 24oz spray bottle, and spray any problem areas in or around your house.

Don’t worry about kids or pets, Peppermint (referring to doTERRA’S), is safe!

So these are my Spring Must Haves! I love these natural tools that I have on hand that reduce my toxic load and really serve me and my family. If you are ready to have these natural tools in your house too, shoot me a message at my Connect With Me page, or click the button below to get started with your Wholesale Membership!