Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Healthy Mom

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I just love my Mom. She has been there for me through thick and thin. She has taken on the role of teacher, nurse, lawyer, and friend throughout my short life.

She has advocated for me from day 1, and has been my biggest cheerleader and support.

I am sure that I am not the only one who has a story like this! If you are like me, you want to just spoil your Mom because you really do want her to know how appreciated and loved she is.

I actually already got my Mom her Mother’s Day Gift. doTERRA came out with a beautiful marble Brevi diffuser with a new scent, Citrus Bloom. It’s absolutely to die for, but they sold out almost immediately!

I was super glad that I got mine when I did, but also super sad that it won’t be on this blog post as a Mother’s Day Gift Idea! It was seriously the perfect gift!

But, I had some backup gift ideas for Mother’s Day, so those are the ones that I am going to share with you!

My family and I haven’t always been health minded. It all starts with just a few good decision and builds from there.

So whether your Mom is already health minded, or you are encouraging her to be, these gift ideas will still be perfect for her!

Crunchi Mother’s Day Lipgloss and Lipstick Giftset

If I am being honest, I totally bought this for myself!

I love Crunchi makeup because they are organic and completely toxin free! They have the highest standards by far of all the organic makeup companies I have researched!

Makeup is a huge toxic burden to our bodies, so this is a perfect, loving gift for Mom! Give her some high quality makeup that’s filled with good stuff!

This giftset is a Lipgloss and a Lipstick for the price of a Lipstick. I bought the one with the Lipstick in Fierce, and the Lipgloss in Ella. I love it! They also have a set with a more nude undertone to it as well.

Check it out!

Introductory Essential Oil Kit

If your Mom isn’t seriously into essential oils yet, or she is interested in just trying them out, this kit is seriously perfect!

The Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint trio are totally oils for beginners, but can do so much for you!

Lavender is all things calming to your mood, sleep, emotions, and skin. It’s a natural antihistamine so I use it all summer long for any type of skin irritation, bites, bug repellent, or being out in the sun for too long. It’s also amazing for hair health, so you can add a drop or two to your shampoo or conditioner.

Lemon is very cleansing to the air and your body. It purifies the air when you diffuse it. I love to put a few drops on a microfiber cloth to dust and clean with. It helps to reduce mucus, it’s uplifting to your mood and emotions, and is an all natural stain and stick remover.

Peppermint is a menthol so it’s very invigorating! I inhale right from the bottle for a boost of energy. It’s great to help reduce body temperature so this is a staple to bring with me to the beach or the fair or the park. I just put a drop on the back of my neck or chest. It’s amazing for promoting open airways and easy breathing, so if you are a stuffy or loud sleeper, this is for you. Pests hate peppermint so you can use it to help protect against them in your home or garden!

All three together are amazing for seasonal allergies!

This mini kit is also super affordable, and if you get it with a wholesale membership, she will also get a free wellness consult and daily routine customized for her, access to private education, and a ton of free oils!

Check it out here!

Essential Oil Accessories

This is one of my favorite etsy shops for essential oil accessories! Baggage and Co has a tone of adorable, hand made oil carriers and roller bottles and bags!

I love the leather back pack for myself and am secretly hoping that I get it for my birthday (which just happens to be on Mother’s Day)!

I am always bringing oils with me everywhere I go. I have my personalized emergency oils like Breathe, Lavender, Cheer, and Balance, that I just always have with me. So instead of carrying them around in my purse and digging through everything to find my roller bottles, I can just whip out my oil bag and get what I need like right away!

Check them out here!

Noonday Jewelry

Noonday is another company that reminds me a lot of doTERRA. They have absolutely GORGEOUS jewelry that is handmade and ethically sourced. A lot of it is made in other countries like India or South America, and give a lot of talented women respectable jobs.

I love supporting companies who actually have good morals and not just say that they care for other people, but show it too.

Their jewelry pieces are so unique and I just absolutely love them! There is something for everyone here!

Check out Noonday Here!

Clean Eating Cookbook

So I am super against dieting for many reason that I won’t get into in this blog post. But what I am totally for is clean eating! Like seriously, just eat real, no preservatives, no toxins food. Cut out the crap and you will be amazed at how much weight you lose, how much more energy you have, and how much better you feel in general!

So this clean eating cookbook is a great gift! The reviews say that the recipes are very easy, and it’s affordable compared to other clean eating cook books!

Better yet, you could get your Mom this cookbook and make a recipe for her for Mother’s Day as well!

Check out the Clean Eating Cookbook here!

Gardening Inspiration

My Mom loves to garden! She calls it her therapy, which it totally is to a lot of people!

So if you have a Mom who also loves to garden, or wants to take it up as a hobby, this 101 Organic Gardening Hacks book looks perfect!

It says that it’s for beginner to medium level gardeners, and it’s full of organic inspiration for the perfect garden!

To go along with this, I would also get her a pair of pretty but practical gardening gloves. If you are an actual gardener, you need a new pair at least once a year!

Check it out here!


Yarrow/Pom should be in everyone’s beauty routine! So, do your Mom a favor and get her some this Mother’s Day.

It really really helps to promote beautiful, clear, young looking skin!

I put it on my face every night!

It’s great for promoting healing, dark circles, puffy under eyes, and it 100% gives your face this youthful glow. I no longer feel the need to have to wear makeup every day and I love it!

It also promotes a healthy metabolism when taken internally, and is filled with antioxidants.

This essential oil specifically is just blowing up because women all over are seeing such amazing results with this!

Your Mom will 100% love this Mother’s Day gift!

And again, if you get her a wholesale membership as well, she will get even more free stuff!

Check it out here!


Plants are always a healthy gift to give anyone! They help to clean the air and release good oxygen, and they can really help with a sense of purpose and responsibility when you take care of it.

If your Mom doesn’t have a green thumb, give her an easy plant like an aloe plant or an ivy plant. They are simple to take care of as they don’t need direct sunlight and only need watered maybe twice a week.

You could get these literally anywhere. Like, grocery stores usually have them, so it’s a great last-minute gift too!

Citrus Bloom

Okay, remember earlier in this post when I said I got my Mom the Citrus Bloom blend with the marble diffuser for Mother’s Day?

Well, while I was writing this, doTERRA decided to release it again for just a limited amount of time!!

What great timing!!!

So, if you want an amazing Mother’s Day gift, this is it! Go get it before it sells out again! Last time it sold out super fast, so please don’t wait on this. I don’t expect it to be in stock for long!

Your Mom could wear this as a calming, all natural perfume. She could diffuse this to replace candles (which are the new second hand smoke),

I literally love this blend of Magnolia, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile, and am so excited to be able to get some more for my Mom! She loves it!

Don’t forget to sign her up for a wholesale membership so that she can also get:

  • 25% Off doTERRA
  • A 45 minute Wellness Consult
  • A customized oil plan
  • A welcome gift
  • Access to private education on how to use her oils
  • Access to all our giveaways
  • Optional Loyalty Rewards Program that gives you free oils every month
  • No ordering or selling required
  • Essential Oil Ebook
  • Me as your Wellness Advocate and Mentor

It’s a super great deal and is the perfect gift to either revamp your Mom’s wellness or just support it. doTERRA essential oils are for everyone because they are pure and 50 to 70 times more effective than herbs!

Some insurance companies are even giving you credit now to buy (doTERRA only) essential oils because they see that this is wellness and preventative medicine.

So I hope that this gave you some really good ideas for a Healthy Mother’s Day Gift! Make sure that you tell your Mom how much she means to you this year. That’s really what she is looking for!