My Favorite Supplements Ever

Whenever you here about health or natural health or holistic health or anything like that, I am sure that you also here about supplements in the next sentence.

They aren’t as popular now-a-days, but they are making a big com back here!

Here’s the thing though. Most supplements are crap. I am just being honest.

They are either synthetic (meaning fake), dusted (meaning they put just enough in the supplement to be able to legally call it that and the rest is just additives and won’t actually do anything for you), or aren’t bio-available (meaning your body doesn’t actually absorb it).

Supplements like these make me mad because the only purpose that people make these are so they can make money. They don’t actually help people, or only help them a tiny tiny bit. It drives me crazy because it’s all about greed and not one bit of it is about helping people to be healthy.

So when you are picking out a supplement, you have to be so vigilant to do your own research. Even about the supplements that I am about to tell you about.

Don’t just trust every word I say (even though I pride myself in being an honest person), you still need to do your very own research.

Okay, so now to my favorite supplements ever.

They are the Life Long Vitality Supplements from doTERRA. Now, hear me out!

Yes, I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and yes I make a living from this business, but I never ever recommend anything that I truly don’t love.

I only recently started taking them. I had heard for almost a full year about how good they were, how high quality they are, how much more energy people have, how people just absolutely love them, and I didn’t actually believe that they would do any of that for me.

I have this limiting belief that I will never feel better. I have been seeing doctors and trying everything that they threw at me for 8 years with barely ANY progress. It was terrible.

I have made more progress in the last year with natural solution then I had in those 8 years combined. I don’t pass out every day, I didn’t have to use my wheelchair this winter (first one since I was diagnosed), I don’t have nausea every day, my digestion has improved like crazy, I hardly get migraines, my pain is pretty managed, and I am just overall more happy!

I have made all of this progress, but this limiting belief keeps me, well limited.

It’s all stems from fear. I was promised for years that “this would be the medicine that would work.” “After this surgery, you will feel better.” “Just a few more years and you will grow out of it.”

All of these promises I actually believed at one point, and then when it wouldn’t work and was left with terrible side effects, I was devastated.

So now, when I hear “Oh, this supplement will 100% work for you,” I get really skeptical really fast, because I am afraid that if I try it, I will be the one person that it doesn’t work for because I am destined to just be stuck in this sick body. POT Syndrome sucks.

So it took almost a full year of my friends and business partners telling me that it will actually help me to finally give it a try.

I am allergic to fish so I got the vegan ones because they have no animal products in them (but still omegas), and started taking them. First the half dose, then the full.

One day, I was babysitting for a friend. It was going to be a long day, I was completely exhausted, and it was only half way over. The dread of a migraine induced by too much activity set in, and I sat down to each some lunch.

I take my second dose of LLV’s with lunch because you have to take it with food and before the evening, and 30 minutes later I was shocked!

I felt the dread lift as I noticed I felt more energized! It was like something had clicked finally, and I was going to be okay getting through the rest of the day!

I had never felt anything like that before, and it was like my energy bank was refilled a little! Now I consistently feel that everyday I take these!

I am really not comfortable recommending anything that I have not tried for myself, but I have tried these, and even through my limiting beliefs, I can say for sure that they work!

They are completely different from other supplements, so if you are like me and feel like you have tried absolutely everything, don’t worry! These are still a very good option for you to try!

Here is what makes them different.

EO Mega

Eo Mega is the omega blend. Omega’s are so important to our healthy because they help to improve your good cholesterol (HDL), improve your heart health, and fight inflammation. All sickness, disease, and illness stems from some type of inflammation in your body.

Omegas are a crucial part of the human cell membranes (us!), so it’s very important to support them!

EO Mega helps to promote:

  • Support healthy function of the brain, eyes, and nervous system
  • Maintains healthy skin, hair, and nails,
  • Promotes Alertness
  • Promotes Positive mood
  • Enhances learning
  • Supports muscle fatigue
  • Promotes strong teeth and bones

It has important antioxidant protection from astaxanthin and natural vitamin E.

It also has 9, pure essential oils: clove, frankincense, thyme, cumin, wild orange, peppermint, ginger, and German chamomile.

They have two different omegas as well.

The Marine omega blend has concentrated, pure fish oils, EPA and DHA fatty acids.

The Land omega blend has flaxseed, borage, cranberry, and pomegranate seed oils.

Alpha CRS

This is a very unique supplement! This supplement focuses on the cells of your body. Your cells run literally every part of your body, so keeping them healthy is vital!

Alpha CRS supporst healthy cell function and metabolism, it supports mental clarity, it supports brain function, and it also has a tummy tamer blend in it to help aid your stomach.

It has a powerful polyphenol cellular longevity blend, which includes turmeric. If you haven’t hear of turmeric, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory. Remember, sickness, disease, and illness stem from inflammation, so turmeric is a good thing to have in your body!

Lastly, Alpha CRS has high levels of metabolic factors of cellular energy, so it’s going to make you feel great.

Microplex VMz

This is doTERRA’s nutrient dense supplement. Our foods that we eat are unfortunately not nutrient dense anymore. Between all the processing and pesticides, it’s very hard to get all of the nutrition that our body actually needs to function properly.

That’s where Microplex VMz comes in though! It provides vitamins A, C, E, and B. It includes a blend of kale, dandelion, parsley, kelp, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and spinach. These are all leafy greens that are absolutely amazing for our bodies. But let’s be honest, how many of use actually eat a few servings of these every single day? I don’t!

Microplex VMz also contains vital minerals like calcium (the type we can absorb), magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, and more.

It supports a healthy immune function, digestion, and metabolism.

When our bodies don’t get in enough nutrients, it will start holding onto fat. So, if we feed it what it needs, it will help our metabolism to function well!

It has a balanced blend of all natural, essential vitamins and minerals that are not synthetic. All three of these oils are bio available, which means our bodies can actually absorb them instead of just excreting them a few hours after taking them.

If we can actually absorb our supplements, guess what? That’s when they actually help us feel better! That’s when they actually do good things to our bodies, and support our body’s natural functions!

When you have a supplement that is just dusted, synthetic, or not bio available, you won’t get these types of effects!

That’s why you really have to do your research on supplements AND the company that is selling them because you don’t want to waist your money on something that has a bunch of claims but nothing to back it up with!

I personally love these supplements and don’t plan on stopping them any time soon! I feel that they are a really great foundation to health and wellness, and they totally support your body from head to toe!

If you are interested in these supplements, I highly recommend that you give these a try! doTERRA is so confident in them that they have a 30 day money back guarantee, so if they for some reason do nothing for you, you can send back your empty bottles and get your money back.

Or, you can actually try them for free in the month of May 2019!

If you enroll with a 100pv order, which would be a budget friendly kit or customized order, then set up an LRP next month for 100pv, which could be completely detoxing your home with cleaning and personal care items, you will get these completely free!

If you don’t want to order again the next month, then just cancel your Loyalty Reward Order. If you do want to order again next month, doTERRA will give you points to use on free products every month!

So whatever you want to do, it’s a win-win situation!

This will also get you a membership with doTERRA, which means:

  • 25% off of doTERRA
  • A free educational book
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  • Free essential oils through the LRP
  • No buying or selling required

So if you need to revamp your wellness and empower your health, give these natural options a try! They are a cheaper, safer, and more effective way to empower you and your family!

So let’s chat about what this could do for you personally!