Why Target’s New Swimsuit Campaign Will Shock You

Target is somehow my best friend and number 1 enemy. I have literally started telling whoever I am with exactly what I need and that I won’t get anything else. (It doesn’t work by the way)

I seriously cannot walk out of there with nothing. I think I did it once, and it will probably never happen again!

I buy like everything at Target! Clothes, Home Decor, Furniture, Food, Shoes (oh my goodness shoes), Bags, Sunglasses, Hats, Swimsuits, Everything!

And don’t even get me started on their dollar spot!

Anyways, I was in there the other day looking at swimsuits for vacation! I am so excited and of course, you go to Target for supplies!

While I was looking through the glorious racks of summer swimwear, I looked at the model on the picture and was actually shocked! Like, I actually took a step back!

There has been plus sized models at Target for a while now (which is awesome), but this was different. That wasn’t why I was shocked.

I was shocked because this model (who wasn’t exactly plus sized), had visible cellulite and stretch marks on her legs and butt.

I immediately thought, “What? That’s not right.” But as quickly as that thought came into my mind, I shot it down. I recognized it as a thought that our culture feeds us. That cellulite and stretch marks are not normal or beautiful. That you are not worthy or desirable if you have this “imperfection.”

My next thought that came quickly again was “Good for them. Good for this brave model.”

Cellulite and stretch marks are something that MOST women have! I have cellulite and stretch marks, and I was still shocked to see it publicly on a model!

It’s 100% something that needs to be normalized, because guys, it’s normal!

It’s not something that is unique to women of a certain race, or color, or ethnicity, or even lifestyle.

If you have gone through pregnancy, you probably have cellulite and stretch marks. If you haven’t gone through pregnancy, you probably still have cellulite and stretch marks!

If you have never worked out, you probably have cellulite and stretch marks. If you workout every day, you probably still have cellulite and stretch marks!

When I go to the beach this summer I

  1. Don’t want to feel uncomfortable seeing cellulite and stretch marks on other people’s body
  2. Don’t want to feel uncomfortable with other people seeing cellulite and stretch marks on my body

And the only way to make that happen is to normalize it! To stop covering it up and editing it out of pictures.

It’s a vulnerable thing to show these “imperfections” on your legs or thighs, but it shouldn’t have to be! You shouldn’t have to feel imperfect or less worthy or less beautiful when your bathing suit doesn’t cover this up. You shouldn’t have to walk the beach feeling uncomfortable.

Since then I have actually noticed a few different accounts promoting body positivity with cellulite and stretch marks, and I have been loving it. I love seeing these women lead the way in vulnerability and bravery! I love seeing that this is indeed normal and just part of our beautifully made bodies!

Not only is it harmful to women to paint cellulite and stretch marks as imperfect, but it’s also harmful to men. It gives them this unreasonable standard of women’s bodies, and of whats “desirable” and whats not.

So thank you Target for taking one of the first steps in normalizing this for women! Thank you for the good shock! It helped shock the harmful story that culture tells us right out of me. It shocked me into the reality that cellulite and stretch marks are beautiful, normal, and have zero to say about your worth.

If you are as shocked by this as I am (in a great way), let’s keep the movement going! Let’s do something to grow this momentum!

This summer, I will be posting about body positivity in swimwear. I will be vulnerable for the benefit of women everywhere, and honestly for myself. I will take the first step in normalizing it for myself, and then for others.

Let’s take to Instagram and Facebook and post pictures of our perfectly normal and beautiful bodies with the hashtags #oilandlighttribebeauty #normalisbeautiful #myworthybody #idontfearswimwear

Tag me in your posts as well so we can all spread love on this movement!

I know it sounds scary. I know it’s very vulnerable. But girl, it’s also brave. It’s also courage. It’s also positive. It’s also beautiful!

I am here with you in this. Get your friends to join you with this. The more people there are, the less scary it will be, and the more normalized it will get!

So let’s kick this summer off right and do something good this year!

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