How I Oil Trained My Hair

If you don’t know what oil training is, it’s basically just being annoyed with how often you have to wash you hair.

I used to wash my hair every other day! That gets expensive with shampoo and conditioner, it strips your hair, and if you miss one day of washing your hair, it looks disgusting!

I have the type of hair where I cannot hide any grease without a hat, and I really don’t wear hats often at all, so I was getting really annoyed with how often I had to wash my hair.

Hot, long showers are also triggers for me to pass out because of my POT Syndrome, so I was really ready to not have to do that so often anymore!

That’s when I heard of oil training! It’s when you train your hair to not get so oily and greasy, so you don’t have to wash it that often.

The catch is that you have to have greasy hair for a bit, but for me, it was worth it!

You can just use dry shampoo or wear a hat if that’s your thing. I notice that when I curl it too, that hides the grease a bit, or just throw it up in a bun.

Check out my all natural dry shampoo tutorial! This is the one that I used while oil training!

So I used Jasmine’s method. I found her on instagram, and her hair is like 3ft long!! Go check her out here.

So you start from where you are with hair washing. I washed my hair every other day, so roughly 4 times a week. That’s a lot!

All I did was push back washing my hair for a day. So for 2 weeks, instead of washing my hair every other day, I washed it every three days. When my hair would start to get greasy (which it will), that’s when I start to use my dry shampoo. It’s a powder base so I just shake it in my hair and rub it in.

I also notice that it works better if you do it the night before it gets greasy then using it the day that it gets greasy.

So for 2 weeks I washed my hair every three days. Then, after 2 weeks, I pushed it back to every 4 days. That’s actually where I am currently, but this time instead of doing it for just 2 weeks, I have done it for about a month. I wanted it to really level out and get used to every 4 days.

Now my hair does not get very greasy until day 4, or even day 5. It’s awesome to only wash your hair twice a week!

So now, after I get back from vacation, I am going to push for washing my hair every 5 days. I am doing that occasionally now anyways.

Some people are even able to only wash their hair once a month!

My ultimate goal is to only wash my hair once a week.

Here are some pictures of what my hair looks like days 1-4:

I can assure you that my hair in no way looked this good on day 2 then it does now on day 4!

So if you want to cut back on washing your hair so much and have healthier hair overall, I would definitely recommend trying to oil train your hair! Be patient with the process and strategic on when you wash your hair, because it will get greasy.

I wash my hair on Fridays because I have classes on Saturdays, and go to church on Sundays, and Mondays because I teach classes on Tuesdays as well.

So, if you know that you are going to have an important meeting or some special event, wash your hair the day before. You won’t be able to control too much that your hair gets greasy (just lots of dry shampoo), but you can control WHEN you let that happen!

It’s so nice to not have to wash your hair so often!