How To Enjoy The Sun and Outdoors Safely

So apparently summer is actually coming for New York, but with the weather the way it is, we wouldn’t actually know it! We have had like 50 degree, rainy weather for months now and we just want some sunshine!

Well when it does eventually come, it’s important to enjoy it safely! My family has a history of skin cancer, so I just want to be extra careful in the sun.

So I wanted to share some tips on how to enjoy the sun and outdoors safely!

1. Sunscreen

Okay, so sunscreen is obviously so that you can enjoy the sun while blocking the UV rays from the sun, but this stuff can be just seriously dirty and toxic! I mean just think about how often you apply this stuff in the summer. These toxins are extremely harmful to your health, so much in fact that the FDA has even started to jump on board! (unfortunately by the time they get involved, millions of people have already been affected).

So, sunscreen is important, but what’s even more important is CLEAN sunscreen. The cleanest that I have ever seen is from Crunchi. They are a squeaky clean organic brand, and their sunscreen is actually brand new!

I am not a rep for Crunchi, so this link is not affiliate, but I highly recommend their products and if you want to talk to my rep, let me know!

Crunchi Sunscreen

2. After Sun Spray

So this is not to replace sunscreen at all, but even with sunscreen, when you come inside, your skin can still be hot enough to cook some more. So, to help cool things down and support healthy skin, I like to use a DIY After Sun Spray. I have a blog post with the recipe coming soon, but it’s basically Peppermint, Lavender, Tea Tree, Yarrow/POM, and Aloe Vera Gel.

3. Sun Hats

This is a fun option because you can totally customize this with your personal style!

For myself, I like pretty neutral fashion, so I just got a plain black, wide brimmed sunhat from one of those dollar stores. You can get a cheap one or an expensive one or whatever you want basically!

Sun hats are awesome because they will cover your scalp, face, and shoulders. Those are the areas that I specifically have the most issues with burns, so when I am at the beach I wear it constantly!

4. Bathing Suit Covers

This is another fun option that is customizable too! I love a light, white, bathing suit cover for the beach! It will match basically any bathing suit and covers a little more skin from the sun without making you too hot as well. This, along with sunscreen is one of the most practical ways to enjoy the sun safely.

5. Timers

If you know that the UV index is high that day and you easily lose track of time, it may be beneficial to set a timer to remind you to either go back inside or apply more sunscreen!

I like to set outside for a few minutes when it’s sunny to get some natural vitamin D, but I don’t want to be out their too long and get burnt accidentally, so a timer it is!

So those are some tips that I personally use to enjoy the sun and outdoors safely! Hopefully we will actually have warm, sunny weather soon so that I can put these into practice!

Let me know if you have any other tips to enjoy the sun safely!