Essential Oils You Have To Take With You On Vacation

Can I be honest? I am totally an over packer. I don’t know if I am just trying to be prepared or what, but it makes me nervous to think that I won’t have everything I need.

Like if someone gets sick on vacation (which has happened before), and I didn’t bring my On Guard or Oregano, I would feel awful. Would I use On Guard or Oregano for something else other than people getting sick? No. And no one plans on getting sick on vacation, but if I had something that could help them and I didn’t bring it, I would be kicking myself.

Anyways, that is kind of the reasoning behind why I bring what I do. I really like to have all my bases covered when it comes to regular ailments on vacation. You never know what could happen! One year I actually ended up in a hospital…

So, to kind of cover all the general stuff, this is what I bring with me, and why!

In the car

Our vacation car ride from New York to Rodanthe, North Carolina in the Outer Banks takes us like 16 hours. It’s not super fun considering I get super car sick, I have a sister that is allergic to Peppermint, and my Mom is claustrophobic so she likes to stop often. It’s quite the trip down and back! We take 2 days to travel, but I like to get it done as quickly as possible because I just want to be done with it and at the beach!

So these are the oils that I take with me in the car!

Peppermint Beadlets are literally my car ride saving grace. I cannot get through the drive without them!

I don’t like to sleep in the car for long either because then I don’t sleep well at the hotel (more on that next), so it’s really nice that peppermint can help with feeling sick in the car and not make me drowsy and sleepy!

This is the first year that I am actually bringing my car diffuser, so I am super excited for it! I tend to get stuffy in the car, and this just helps to keep the air fresh. Bergamot, Wild Orange, and light essential oils like that are great ones to diffuse!


So when I sleep too much in the car, I have trouble sleeping at hotels. I actually have trouble sleeping there anyways, so Serenity Softgels or just Lavender (and even Copaiba) internally are my go-to oils. Also, I diffuse Siberian Fir and Cederwood every single night, so I am not going to stray from that in the hotel either.

My sister doesn’t love the smell of Siberian Fir though (and we will be sharing a hotel room), so if I can’t diffuse those, I will put them on my wrists and pillows.

Something else that is super handy to have in hotel rooms are samples of the shampoo and conditioner and toothpaste. They are basically travel sized so it is perfect to travel with!


So dōTERRA actually has a ton of supplements, and it can get a little overwhelming if you don’t know what they do. So these are the ones that I am bringing with me specifically.

Another one that you could bring is Mito2Max for natural energy!

These are kind of where you never know what you will need and when, so I just bring them all to have everything covered!

Beach House

Okay, so now we are at the beach and just hanging out! These are really my summer must have oils that I use all the time!

Obviously you need stuff for after sun, cooling, accidental bumps and bruises, and ect. So, these are really just my regular summer oils!

I wrote “literally everything” next to Frankincense, because if you don’t know what oil to use, you can just pick up your Frankincense. It helps with pain, immune support, healing support, head tension, inflammation, and more. Basically all your summer needs right there!

So these are the essential oils that you have to take on vacation to really have some good tools with you!

These make me feel a little bit more safe and secure, especially while traveling!