DIY After Sun Spray

Vacation season is upon us! I am much more likely to get burnt on vacation then I am at home for some reason. Maybe it’s the beak from the regular routine, the fact that you are at the beach, or just enjoying the pool.

Anyways, I really want to try and be intentional about taking care of my skin!

When you are outside for a little while, you can still burn after you come inside, or it can dry your skin out.

So to help support my skin after being out in the sun, I made this DIY after sun spray!

First you need an empty doTERRA bottle, or glass spray bottle. I am using an empty TerraShield bottle here!

Next I just clean it out really well.

Now I add the oils!

I used Peppermint for cooling, Lavender to support healing and calming, Tea Tree for cleansing, and Yarrow/POM because it’s literally the bomb for your skin! It’s full of antioxidants!

I used 5 drops for Yarrow/POM and 10 drops of each of the others.

Then I added a good squeeze of Aloe Vera Gel. I am terrible at measuring but it was probably a half a tablespoon.

Lastly I just filled it up with water and shook it really well!

Now I am ready for supporting my skin all summer!