What Essential Oils I Used On Vacation The Most

So I wrote a previous blog post about what oils I was taking with me on vacation. I tried to cover all my bases, because of course, you never know what you will and won’t need.

You can read that post here!

I did pretty good with bringing everything that I needed, and really only used like half of what I brought, so I thought I would share what essential oils I used on vacation the most!

1. Lavender

I was so extremely glad that I brought this!

The night we stayed in a hotel on the way down to North Carolina, I burned my finger pretty badly on my curling wand. That rarely happens for me, but of course it happened on vacation!

So I iced that and rolled Lavender on it like crazy! Thankfully it only blistered for like 2 days and then it healed up nicely.

Then I got another chance to use it when we had one cloudy day at the beach, but the UV index was extremely high! I think everyone got burned that day, even though everyone bathed in sunscreen.

That was the one day I wore my bikini top with my shorts too, so I got burned on my back, chest, stomach, arms, legs, and even my feet. My feet were burned the worst. They even were swollen, but I used this protocol on the burns, and they healed up very nicely!

From my Instagram page @oilandlighttribe

Lavender was a key oil in this blend because it promotes healing along with soothing.

The last way that we used Lavender was from bug bites. I was pretty okay with this actually (because of my good old TerraShield!), but other people’s ankles got really really bit up.

So they were all using Lavender on their ankles like crazy for the itch!

2. Correct X

Correct X is doTERRA’S healing ointment. It’s toxin free and it has Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lavender, Melaleuca, and Cedarwood oils in it. This is actually a super good toxin free swap!

Anyways, I used this not only on my burn on my finger, but also when a door knob took a chunk out of the same finger. Don’t ask me how, I have no clue.

I was also able to give it to someone who had a pretty bad rash and the Correct X was very soothing and promoted healing to it.

3. Balance

So Balance is one of my all time favorite oils! It’s doTERRA’S grounding blend and I think it smells absolutely amazing!

When we go on vacation, we rent a huge house with other family and friends. Being an introvert, sometimes it can get too peopley, so I would need some grounding and re-centering often.

I also try to use the beach as a very restful and filling place, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and Balance is perfect for that!

I would just apply it straight to my wrists and inhale it from the bottle.

4. On Guard Hand Saniziter

We drive all the way from New York to North Carolina. It’s a pretty long drive and unfortunately you have to use public bathrooms often. Gross!

One time I ended up in the hospital down in the Outer Banks because of a germ that I caught on the way down. It turned into an intestinal infection, and while the hospital was way nicer and kinder then any New York hospital I have ever been too, it was still not a fun way to spend vacation.

So now I try to be very cautious and mindful about germs on the way down, and used a ton of On Guard Hand Sanitizer!

Also from my Instagram @oilandlighttribe

5. Yarrow/POM

So I believe in a very balanced lifestyle, especially when it comes to food. Yes, sugar isn’t great for your body, so don’t eat it all the time. But I see no issue with indulging once and a while, epsecially on vacation.

Unfortunately sugar makes my face break out, and between that and my sunburn, I was constantly using Yarrow/POM on my face!

It’s amazing for blemishes, and promoting younger looking, radiant skin! Seriously, you get a glow when you use this consistently!

It’s filled with antioxidants from the pomegranate, and Yarrow is a tree, and tree oils are very good for supporting your complexion.

I just used the dropper and put like 10 drops on my face after I washed and moisturized my skin, then rub it in! It tints your face blue for a few minutes, but it quickly absorbs.

6. Deep Blue Rub

This was another one that the whole house used. Between hard mattresses, long car rides, walking in the sand, boating, swimming, and all those freaking stairs (30 of them to be exact), we were all sore!

Deep Blue Rub is an all natural heating and cooling lotion, and man does it ever work well! I will never be caught without my Deep Blue because it works quickly, and more effective then anything I have ever tried before!

These natural solutions come in handy literally every single day for me! They have empowered me to take control of my own health, and not have to run to the doctor for every little tiny thing.

It feels great to be able to just pick up an oil for a regular, household ailment, and know that it’s helping my body in a natural, toxin free way. And that one oil has like 20 other uses too!

It’s totally cheaper, safer, and more effective!

If you are interested in using these for you and your family’s health, shoot me a message and let’s chat about your specific needs!