10 Reasons You Should Try Yoga

If this is your first time to my website, welcome! I am Alysha, and I love yoga and all things holistic.

I was diagnosed with POT Syndrome, a nervous system dysfunction, when I was just 14 years old, and it left me with an intolerance to exercise.

While that may sound like the best excuse ever to some people, it gets old really quick. I’m not talking about not being able to do hard core exercising, I mean even going on a mile walk can easily make me pass out.

I am a responsible type of person, so I try my hardest to take care of my body through a balanced diet and natural tools, but movement is also necessary for a healthy life. While I know I will never be healed of this nervous system dysfunction, I strive to make my body the healthiest it can possibly be.

Cardio specifically is a no go for me. I have tried a few different “light” exercise routines, and everything quickly made things worse.

But that was when someone recommended yoga to me. While I can in no way even attempt power yoga, I quickly fell in love with hatha yoga. It’s a much calmer, meditative yoga, that was perfect to move my body and gain strength while keeping my heart rate nice and stable!

So now I am an advocate for holistic options, including yoga, and I am also in training to become a certified Yoga Teacher! My goal is to teach others who, like me, are striving for the healthiest body possible, and may even have a chronic illness or two (don’t worry girl, I have like 3!).

So if you have never considered trying yoga, or you have and you just still aren’t convinced, I want to share 10 reasons why you should try yoga!

1. Reduces Stress

I love Hatha yoga specifically because it focuses on being present on the mat. Taking this time for yourself and your self care really helps to reduce stress.

2. Increases Flexibility

I’m not sure why, but for some reason people think they need to be flexible before they try yoga. Honey, that’s like thinking you should know all the information in a college class before you even take it! Yoga is to help you become more flexible with time, as it stretches out your muscles and connective tissues. So, if you are not flexible, then perfect! Yoga will totally benefit you.

3. Build Strength From Your Own Body

When I first started my yoga practice, my muscles were so weak that I couldn’t even do a modified push up yet. But what I love about yoga is that it builds muscles by using your own body. You don’t need weights! You use your own body to build up strength, and that is very empowering!

4. It Improves Your Health And Wellness

Like I said before, exercise is important in a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies were designed for it, and movement totally improves our health and wellness.

5. It’s Customizable

Even though exercise is vital to health and wellness, even regular exercise can be impossible for some people. But yoga is very customizable to your health and wellness. If you need something slower, you can do Hatha yoga. If you want a good cardio workout, try Power yoga. If you need a good detox, try Hot yoga. There is literally a type for everyone!

6. It Benefits you Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually

Not only is yoga customized exercise that aids you physically, but it also benefits your emotional and spiritual health. Yoga teaches you how to be grounded and relaxed, even in difficult times.

7. It May Reduce Back Pain

Depending on the cause of your back pain, yoga may be able to help by either strengthening your abdominal muscles (off setting pressure to your back), or lengthening your abdominal muscles. Or maybe even a combination of both!

8. Increases Stamina

Like any exercise, yoga can help to increase your stamina with consistency. The difference with yoga though, is that it can do it over a slower period of time for you then cardio could. That can be very beneficial to people with chronic illnesses, as too much too soon can make their illness worse.

9. Relaxes Your Nervous System

My tip for all new yogis is to focus on your breathing. It needs to be even, smooth, and continuous, or you may just feel like dying during a yoga class. Once you have the breath down though, things get way easier and way smoother during class. This breathing also helps to relax your nervous system because it stimulates the vagus nerve. This is very beneficial to my nervous system dysfunction!

10. Yoga Teaches You To Live Peacefully

I said before that yoga can be beneficial to your emotional and spiritual health because it teaches you how to be grounded in difficult times. You also learn how to bring the breathing techniques with you off the mat, bringing you peace and relaxation through your every day life. I don’t know one person who doesn’t need more peace throughout their day!

So those are my 10 reasons why you should try yoga. I hope my yoga journey can be an inspiration to others with chronic illnesses. Healthy may have to look different for us, but it’s possible!