My Two Favorite Healthy Breakfasts

Before I actually committed to eating healthy, I just couldn’t even figure out what to eat for breakfast that would be healthy.

At that time, I was either eating cereal or oatmeal (high sugar). Both were processed. Both were not serving my body or giving me the energy I needed to start the day. Don’t worry, I cringe now too when I think about it!

I thought that I didn’t like eggs then too, or that I didn’t have the energy to cook them in the morning, so I all but wrote them out of the process.

I am also gluten free, so that does limit your options a bit.

For a while I tried making Banana Pancakes. They were yummy, but kind of a pain in the but to make. There isn’t a lot of ingredients, it’s just 4 masked bananas, 4 eggs, and 1 cup of oats, but they just don’t cook very well so they are either mushy in the middle or a little burnt on the outside.

I also tried making oatmeal bars. I don’t remember the recipe entirely, but it was basically oats, bananas, and honey, then you bake them. Also a good breakfast, but it’s more of a healthy snack because there isn’t enough protein to give you energy.

But, I finally found two healthy breakfasts that I actually like, and it’s not a pain in the butt to make in the morning! Here they are!

Favorite Breakfast 1.

My regular, go-to healthy breakfast is one fried egg (in organic olive oil), on a piece of gluten free, multigrain toast (no butter), with a side of a chopped banana, drizzled with almond butter and organic, low sugar oats.

It’s a very wholesome breakfast! I thought that I wasn’t a fan of eggs, but my taste buds have really changed after I cut out all that sugar.

Also, if you are not a banana fan, you could substitute it for a honey crisp apple! I choose a banana because I need more natural potassium in my diet.

Either way though, it’s a balanced breakfast of protein, healthy carbs, and healthy fats, and takes me around 10 minutes to make.

Favorite Breakfast 2.

This one is more of a “I’m on the run this morning” kind of breakfast. I can in no way skip breakfast because I need it for my blood pressure and energy, so if I need something quick, this is what I go for.

I make 1/2 cup of gluten free oatmeal (no sugar), add maybe 2 tabelspoons of almond milk, stir in some cinnamon, chop up a banana on top, and drizzle it with almond butter.

This breakfast also keeps me fuller for longer. This may seem like an easy, healthy breakfast to have, but please make sure that your oatmeal or oats are low to no sugar. By low sugar, I mean less then 2 grams! If your breakfast is loaded with sugars, you will get hungry quick, and all you will crave is carbs or more sugar.

This only takes me about 5 minutes to make, so it’s a great, quick breakfast.

Another option for this would to use the oats to make overnight oats. All you do is just put the oats in some type of container like a mason jar, fill it until it’s just over top of the oats with almond milk or water, then add your favorite toppings like fruit, chia seeds, or almond butter, and let it set in the refrigerator overnight!

I know that breakfast is a hard meal to eat healthy, I mean, it’s just so easy to pour a bowl of cereal. But, if you are tired throughout the day, or crave sugar or carbs, try changing up your breakfast to something more wholesome, and you may just see a huge difference!