3 Companies I Trust With My Health

If you haven’t heard about different toxins in our foods, cleaners, or self-care products, let me give you a small glimps.

Companies have filled our household products with chemicals and synthetics that impact our hormone and cellular health. They are filled with known carcinogens, allergens, irritants, asthmatics, and neurotoxins.

With the amount of self care or household products that we use with toxins in them, it’s no wonder that everyone seems overly tired or sick. Our bodies are in toxin overload.

Even companies that claim that their products are “natural” green wash their products. This means that they put stickers or fancy wording to make their products look more natural.

Also, there is no federal regulation for “natural” ingredients, so you really have to do your own research to find safe, toxin free companies.

I have done my research on a few self care companies, that are actually concerned with our health. Want to guess why? Because there is regular people behind these companies, not corporations.

So here are 3 companies I trust with my health and why.

1. Crunchi Makeup

Crunchi was founded by two Mom’s, Melanie Petschke, and Kelly Weston. Both of these women are passionate about healthy living and inspiring other women to do the same.

Cosmetics are one of the most toxic things that you have in your home. Because the cosmetic industry is ignorantly left to itself with little to no regulation in safety, Crunchi took things into it’s own hands to create safe, organic, and toxin free beauty.

They have blacklisted hundreds of ingredients that are unsafe to our health! They in no way had to do this, but they felt it was morally right to do so. I just love the extra step that they took to help you life a healthier life!

Not only do they tell you want ingredients they do not use, but why they are toxic. They really focus on educating women on why organic beauty is so important.

The reason that I trust Crunchi over other organic makeup companies, is because Crunchi takes things a step further and have blacklisted more ingredients then other green beauty companies.

I also use their makeup (but am not affiliated with them), and the quality is by far better then anything I have ever used.

You can view all of their blacklisted ingredients here.

2. Organic Bunny

Amanda Jo founded her company Organic Bunny to also educate and provide clean, toxin free products.

I follow her on Instagram and she provides so much education on toxins in your home! She is spunky and straight forward and I just love that.

She also tests all of her products to see if they work and she has extremely high standards for toxins. I trust all of her products in her online store for those reasons.

She also runs a non-profit dog rescue and adoption and is a very passionate person on just being a decent human being.

You can look at her store here.

3. Doterra

So I am affiliated with Doterra, but this wasn’t a decision that I came to lightly. We had been using another popular essential oil company, but it was expensive and I was hearing thing that I wasn’t happy with.

So I dug in and did my research and found that I would much rather align myself with Doterra then any other essential oil company out there. They actually care for your health, and here is why.

Doterra is the only essential oil company that shows you all of the third party testing done to their essential oils. I trust them, not based off of some kind of blind faith, but off of a separate company’s testing and proof. And guess what the testing says? That the oils are pure.

You can read more here at Source To You.

But that’s not the only reason I trust them. Other reasons are that they are a private company, their healing hands charity that provides lasting feminine hygiene products and rescues children from sex trafficking, and they give back to the communities of their farmers. They will build them houses, churches, schools, provide clean water, or whatever they need and I just love moral companies who willingly give to others in need.

So those are just 3 companies that I trust for my health. I am always researching and looking to grow my circle of companies that I trust, and I always love to shop small when possible.

I encourage you to always research all products and companies that you can! I know that takes time and I know that sometimes organic may be more expensive, but think on this:

You will either pay for your health now or later.

I highly suggest wellness care instead of sick care.