The Best Yoga Props For Any At Home Yogi

If you do most of your yoga practice from home, really all you need is a yoga mat and some leggings. At least that’s what I thought for years!

While it may be true that you don’t need extras to practice yoga, it may really benefit you.

For example, I just got some nice blocks for support. I have been practicing yoga for 2 years without them, and I was so surprised at how much easier certain poses are. While flexibility comes with yoga, you don’t necessarily want to force yourself into a pose right away. You want your body to learn it, to sink deeper into it every time you practice.

So to really benefit and deepen your yoga practice and serve your body, here are the best yoga props for any at home yogi.

1. Blocks

I already mentioned that these are literally amazing! The pose that I was talking about before was a lunge with both hands on your mat. This pose puts a lot of pressure on my lower back, shoulders, and wrists because I am usually rounding into it instead of lengthening. That’s a no-no in yoga!

So, instead of having my hands to the mat, I just put my blocks down and rested my hands on those. I could then focus on lengthening my spine up through the crown of my head, instead of just trying to reach the mat and stay upright!

2. Straps

Straps are another thing that I thought were pretty unnecessary. Put, I have pretty tight hamstrings actually, and I use them to help slowly, and safely stretch them out. I was surprised at how much further I could stretch and lengthen my hamstrings with the aid of a strap then without it!

They are also good to use if you are trying to get into a difficult balance pose, or if you have tight shoulders.

3. Foam Roller

So, especially when you first start your practice, your muscles are going to talk back to you. They have learned to be lazy and only be used to the bare minimum, and when you wake them up, they get sore!

While I love using Deep Blue Rub on them to help reduce the lactic acid in my muscles and soothe them, sometimes what they need is just a good roll out.

If you have never rolled out your muscles before, there are a few things you should know before hand.

  1. It feels really awkward. You are on the floor rolling back and forth on this piece of foam trying to target a specific muscle. I try not to do this when anyone else is around.
  2. It can hurt a little. Your muscles are already sore and you are putting direct pressure on them from something pretty firm.
  3. You feel amazing afterwards. When you apply direct pressure to the sore muscle, you are actually releasing the stiffness and bringing more blood flow to the area. If you did it right (which is easy to do), you should feel loose and amazing and not sore! It’s amazing!

I always complain about doing it before hand and even try to avoid it, but once I do it, I feel SOOO much better! It’s like taking a shower. You procrastinate and don’t want to get in, but once your in you don’t want to get out!

4. A Small Towel

You can literally just grab this from linen closet! Any old towel will do.

If your ankles or wrists bother you when doing yoga, just fold up the towel length wise, and put it under the heals of your feet or wrists. It brings a slight increase to your feet or wrists, thus reducing the amount of pressure being put on them.

5. Yoga Mat Spray

These you can buy, but unless you are really up to date on all the latest chemicals you should avoid, I highly recommend just making your own. It’s super easy and literally takes less then 5 minutes.

All you need is a glass or empty doTERRA spray bottle, your favorite oils (preferably with a citrus or antibacterial oil to clean), and water. Shake, and then spray!

Check out my DIY Essential Oil Yoga Mat Spray Recipe to make it that much easier for you!

So those are the best yoga props for at home yogis! I use all of these, and they have definitely help to deepen my practice and strengthen my body.

I know it’s a little bit of mindset work to use props. You see all these amazing yogis on Instagram or Pinterest in these super amazing poses without any props, and you want to be able to do the same.

Well here’s the thing, they have either been doing yoga for years upon years to become that flexible, or then have some sort of connective tissue disorder that allows them to be super flexible. Either way, there is a lot more that you don’t see from it.

Yoga isn’t about making a pose look a certain way on your body, it’s about surrendering to the pose, and letting your body and mind relax, thus bringing flexibility with time.

If you want to follow some real life yoga, where I use props all the time, go follow me on Instagram! I keep things super real and personal there.