How To Set An Intention For Your Yoga Practice

Sometimes your yoga practice can get routine. It can feel like it’s just another exercise program, and to be honest, that’s boring.

Yoga is supposed to be so much more than just toning and shaping your body! While that’s a very nice benefit from yoga, it’s supposed to be calming, awakening, enlightenting, refreshing. It’s supposed to connect your mind, body, and spirit. It’s supposed to align you holistically. None of that should be boring!

A great way to keep it all of those inspiring things, and keep it from becoming another old boring exercise routine is to set an intention beforehand.

An intention is an affirmation or a purpose in your heart. It’s something you strive for. A reason why.

Intentions can help to connect your mind, body, and spirit even further too, enhancing your practice even more!

So how do you set an intention for your yoga practice? I will tell you!

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How To Set An Intention

First, be honest with yourself about something that you are struggling with. Is there an insecurity that has been active lately or an area that you are looking to improve upon? Maybe it’s to be more present, or less anxious, or to just start taking care of yourself.

Maybe it’s a desire or dream? Maybe you are looking to make more money, find a good relationship, or stand out from the crowds. Maybe you are looking to unblock an area of your life, or flourish into something new.

Whatever it is, you know. It will be unique to you, and no one else can tell you what it should be.

Your intentions can change from day to day as well. Maybe today your intention is to be completely present on your mat, and tomorrow it will be to embody love deeper.

Just pick your intention for today and right now. The only rule is that it should never be judgmental. Always full of grace, always positive.

After you have a specific idea, you need to put it into a clear, short, positive statement.

For example, if you intention is to be more present, you could say “I am completely present.” Simple enough right?

Now, you take that sentence and embrace it in the warm-up section of your practice. As you are in seated breathing or a gentle warm-up pose like cat-cow, just say it to yourself; “I am completely present.” Accept it and embrace it and let it be true. Connect it to your breath and let that be the center of your yoga practice.

When you get out of the warm-up section and start doing things that take more concentration, you may forget it, and that’s okay. That means that you actually are being present!

But, when you are in some peak poses that may be more difficult, that is a good time to bring your mind back to it. It will help stabilize your breath again and melt into whatever pose you are doing. It reminds you of what you are doing and why. Let it calm you again.

After you go into Savasana, you can bring that intention back. Connect it to your breath again. Be with your intention and let it be true again.

You will find that the positivity of it will stick with you even off the mat, which is the whole point of yoga!

What can enhance your intentions even more is using a matching essential oil. For example, with the intention of being present, I would use A grounding oil like Balance, or a focus oil like In Tune. Apply them to the bottoms of your feet and over your heart space.

There is always an oil to match your intention! A lot of it is common sense of matching them, but if that’s something that doesn’t come easily to you, that’s why I am here! I can help you match an oil to your intention and show you how to use them best with your practice for your personal wellness.

Yoga and oils are my jam! That’s what my whole business is surrounding. If you are ready to get the highest quality oils for an affordable price, and my support in your yoga practice, let’s chat. I can’t wait to add you to my yoga and oils tribe!