Why You Need A Yoga Spot And How To Get One

Guys, you seriously need a yoga spot! Don’t know what a yoga spot is? It’s simply just a spot that you go every time you practice yoga.

My yoga spot can change from time to time, but now that it’s summer, I find my yoga spot is my back porch leading to my back yard! It’s a super gorgeous spot and totally links me to nature better!

We live in a village, but we still have a super awesome and fairly private backyard. Between the birds and nature sounds, and the wind gently strumming the wind chimes, it’s like a small oasis.

That’s exactly what a yoga spot should be!

A good yoga spot should:

  1. Be calming and quiet
  2. Have little to no distractions
  3. Have enough room for you to practice

It should really be someplace where you can be absolutely present. Actually, your yoga spot should actually help you be absolutely present! If you go back to your yoga spot every time you practice, your brain will start to recognize that spot as one of peace and calming, and totally help you to get into that yoga zone that much easier.

I love scrolling Pinterest and just looking at all the different yoga spots that people have created for themselves! Someday I totally want either a whole room dedicated to my yoga practice, or a small studio!

So, if you now want a yoga spot of your own but you aren’t sure how to pick one for your own, here is what you should look for!

First, look for a place that really does speak calm and peace into your spirit. That will look different for everyone. For me, it’s nature, so it totally makes sense that my current yoga spot would overlook my back yard.

Like I said before, it should also have little to no distractions to keep you centered, and also enough room for you to practice.

If you do have a big enough spot or room to make your own yoga spot, fill it with sentimental pieces that you know will enhance your practice. This could be things like plants, succulents, essential oils, mala beads, yoga gear, bolsters, blocks, blankets, whatever you need for your own practice!

It’s seriously awesome to be able to go to the same spot for even 5 minutes a day and just take care of yourself; mind, body, and spirit. If you haven’t started your own yoga practice yet, girl I have the perfect thing for you on the way!

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