How To Stay Cool In This Hot Summer

So I live in New York and the summer is actually a good season for my symptoms most of the time. The winters are cold, long, and totally wreck havoc on my body.

However, I have a lot of friends with POT Syndrome in the South, and they are miserable! This heat is absolutely killing them and making their symptoms way worse. They are literally just trying to get through summer to fall.

The difference between me and them is that New York doesn’t get that hot. We are lucky to have 3 weeks in the summer that are around 80 degrees. That’s like spring for them! Their regular temperatures are 100 degrees with lots of humidity.

With POT Syndrome comes a heat tolerance. Heat doesn’t actually bother me too terribly much, but the humidity does! And it bothers the rest of my spoonie friends a lot too!

So, with all that heat and humidity some of us are not enjoying life and are suffering. If you are one of those people, don’t worry! I have some really great tips to stay cool in this hot summer with POT Syndrome!

1 Ice

Y’all, get yourself about 5 different ice packs. Seriously! When you are too warm, grab an ice pack and put it on the back of your neck or your chest. These are great areas to put your ice pack because all your blood runs through there. If you cool that area down, it will take cooler blood throughout your body.

I also say to buy like 5 so you always have a cold one. Just rotate them out!

2. Mini Fans

Have you ever seen those tiny little fans with those felt wings? Guys, buy one and keep it in your purse or bag at all times. Whenever you get too warm and feel a little woozy, just turn it on and point it directly in your face. It seriously helps!

3. Peppermint

One of my friends with POT Syndrome lives off of Peppermint in the summer time. It’s very cooling and helps support your body to lower your temperature. Peppermint is obviously very cooling and feels so refreshing when it’s super hot out.

You can apply a couple of drops on the back of your neck, and the plus side is that you smell good too!

4. Mini Pools

So we have a little mini kid’s pool at our house “for my niece and nephew.” Haha it’s not, it’s for me and they get to use it.

Seriously, sometimes you just need to cool down quick, so get a little kid’s pool and just go sit in it! It’s refreshing and you don’t always have access to a regular pool.

5. Always. ALWAYS Have a Water Bottle!

This is my number one tip!! Seriously, ALWAYS have a water bottle with you! Go to Target, and get one of those water bottles that are easy to carry around and keep your water cool for hours.

Whenever I get super warm or unwell, especially when I am out, I literally just chug water and it really does help.

P.S. an extra tip, eat something salty when you do this to help with fluid retention for naturally raising your blood pressure!

6. Cooling Towels or Rags

Go to Target (again), and get yourself a cooling towel. All you have to do is break the beads inside of it and sling it around your neck to keep you cool!

7. Cooling Vests

If you have just an awful time in the heat and pass out the minute you feel it, think about getting something like a cooling vest. I know they aren’t glamorous, but sometimes we have to do unglamorous stuff just to stay conscious!

Search Amazon for them!

8. Ice Cream

Y’all, I know that I advocate for being mindful about lowering sugar because it does totally help with my symptoms, but it’s hot and it’s summer and just have some ice cream to cool you down! I would much rather have ice cream then pass out!

So I hope that some of these tips are helpful to keep you cool this hot summer and here is to NOT passing out because of the heat!

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