Online Yoga Studio Launch!

I am so excited to announce that my Online Yoga Studio will officially be launching August 1st!!

It’s like a dream come true! I have put a lot of work into creating an environment and curating yoga classes that are chronic illness friendly.

I feel honored to be the person that creates an inclusive environment for those of us who feel left out and less then.

Guess what? We don’t have to be anymore! When I say that my Online Yoga Studio is chronic illness friendly, I am being totally real with you because I myself experience those symptoms every single day.

It doesn’t mean we have to be left out though! It just means that we have to adapt. If there is one thing that my chronic illness has taught me, it’s how to adapt to life! I am sure it has taught you the same thing.

Adapting doesn’t mean less or worse though, it actually means better! Better because we are now respecting the limits of our bodies while enjoying this peaceful form of self-care. Our bodies will totally thank us for that!

So, to celebrate and to get prepared for this awesome and valuable Online Yoga Studio, every day until 1st of August when the studio launches, I will be publishing a short, 5-10 minute yoga flow that is chronic illness friendly and you can easily do every day!

So make sure to check back daily and get ready to either start or continue your yoga journey that is made just for you and your health!