An Online Yoga Studio For People With Chronic Illness!

If you don’t know my story, I’m Alysha. Nice to meet you!

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with a devastating chronic illness called POT Syndrome. I literally ended up in a wheelchair and it just ruined my teenager years. All of my hopes of doing great things felt dashed!

Fast forward 8 years, I started exploring natural options once my doctors had exhausted all treatment options and I was no better. My goodness, I wish I had done that sooner!

A few of the things I started doing that helped so much was essential oils and yoga!

But here is the thing with yoga. I couldn’t find anyone who taught to my activity level. Cardio is a huge no-no for me as it sends me to bed for like a week! All the classes claimed to be beginner level, but they were still too much!

I felt left out of the awesome, peaceful world of yoga. Like this amazing thing that everyone else had access too was just out of reach for me. That basically describes life with a chronic illness though, am I right?

Well, after some thought and spiritual prompting, I decided that I would be the person to solve that problem. I would embrace my love of yoga, and become a certified yoga teacher!!!

At first I felt a lot of doubt around it. I felt like my chronic illness made me unqualified. But who better to teach yoga to others with a chronic illness then someone who has experienced it first hand?

So, that’s exactly what I did! I became a certified yoga teacher and resolved that I would serve people just like me, and just like you. Now I have opened my very own Online Yoga Studio that’s chronic illness friendly!

I understand your exercise level. I understand your fatigue. I understand your anxiety. I understand your feeling left out. I understand your longing for normal.

I understand all of this because it is me.

I deal with all of this in my everyday life, but yoga has been such a blessing. It’s become something that has given me hope and purpose again.

Let me share why it can be that for you too.

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August 1st – 7th only!

1. Yoga stimulates your vagus nerve

This is important because stimulating the vagus nerve can help to reduce anxiety and even some symptoms of some chronic illnesses (mine included!).

2. Yoga gives you inner and outer peace

I can’t remember having a peaceful spirit or a peaceful vibe since before I was diagnosed. I am sure that you have that same story. Chronic illness totally steals your peace!

But yoga can teach you how to bring that back to your life and in your thoughts! It has been such a relief to have peace again.

3. Yoga can help with aches and pains

I don’t know of a chronic illness where you don’t have some kind of chronic pain. It stinks and basically sucks the life out of you!

But yoga can help with some aches and pains!

I live in New York and I totally see an improvement in the winter when I am doing yoga!

4. Yoga can gently build strength and endurance

I love yoga as a form of exercise. Don’t let that word scare you! I am not talking about cardio or lifting weights or going to the gym. I am just talking about healthy movement.

No matter what your chronic illness or how severe it is, some type of movement is good for you. But because the world doesn’t accommodate very well for us, my Online Yoga Studio does!

I love how you use your own body and your own exercise level wherever you are, and you can build some strength and endurance in a gentle way!

Before I started yoga, I could only do a modified push up at best. Now I can do one full regular push up!

5. Yoga is self care for your mind, body, and spirit

I am sure you have seen those posts on social media all about self care. They give you ideas like “go for a walk” or “go for a hike.” Girl, if I did either of those things I would end up passed out! I’m sure that it wouldn’t go over too well for your chronic illness either.

Those self care posts can totally leave out people with chronic illnesses, but you are now able to indulge in self care for your mind, body, and spirit, all while staying within your limits of your chronic illness with my Online Yoga Studio!

When I say it’s chronic illness friendly, I mean it! I mean it because I physically can’t do a lot myself, so you can trust that I am curating classes that are both gentle to your body and calming to your spirit.

So now you don’t have to let your chronic illness stop you from enjoying yoga anymore! You can gain all the awesome benefits while respecting the limits of your body. You also get to be a part of an awesome and growing community of other people just like you! That can be hard to come by my friend.

So, if you are ready to start your yoga practice, to really take care of your mind, body, and spirit, come join my Online Yoga Studio for people with chronic illness!

I cannot wait to have you and am honored to serve you in your health as your yoga teacher.

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