Everything You Get With A Membership To My Online Yoga Studio

My Online Yoga Studio has launched!

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If you are a beginner yogi or have a chronic illness, this yoga studio is made for you!

I myself have a chronic illness, which is why I created this Online Yoga Studio for people just like us!

If you are on the edge of if you should join my Studio or not, let me share with you a few things you will get when you do!

1. Access To All My Yoga Classes

So there are 3 consistent classes each week that go live in my Yoga Studio.

  • Monday’s – Guided Meditation
  • Wednesday’s – 5-10 Minute Yoga Class
  • Saturday’s – A Full 30-60 Minute Yoga Class

Any extra series that I do will also be added to my yoga studio!

2. 7 Days of Yoga

So I also have an exclusive series that you can get for free if you would like! Sign up for it down below!

The only way to get this free 7 Days of Yoga series is to sign up for it, or you also get it when you join my Studio!

7 Days of Yoga is also chronic illness friendly, and I introduce you to the essential oils that I use in my Yoga Practice.

3. Community

I have a private facebook group that is only for my students. I go live in there quite a bit and give lots of free extras. This is where the community part comes in. It’s yogis with chronic illness just like you!

4. Contact With Me

I want to know every single one of my yoga students personally! So, I will definitely be in contact with you, and you will always be welcome to reach out to me!

I truly want you feedback and suggestions. I made this Online Yoga Studio to make an inclusive environment, and that includes you being able to reach me!

5. Flexibility

So you will gain flexibility when you are consistent with your yoga practice, but that’s not the type of flexibility I am talking about.

The kind of flexibility I am talking about is the flexibility to practice on your own time! If you don’t have time to do the classes when they go live, that’s totally fine! They will be there when you get to them!

You also have the flexibility to do them in whatever order you want to, and will always have access to them as long as you are part of my Online Yoga Studio!

This is truly like a traditional studio just online and much more inclusive to people with chronic illness.

So come join others just like you and enjoy the benefits of a yogi lifestyle!

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It’s only for the first 100 people from August 1st – 7th though!