Why Is It So Hard To Be Patient?

If this isn’t a question you have asked yourself, you either:

  1. Live in a perfect life
  2. Are oblivious and have a boring life
  3. Have this skilled mastered and you need to teach it to me

I have to admit, I have this problem whenever I start something new.

I’m an achiever. I like to get stuff done.

I’m also a perfectionist. So, I like to get stuff done perfectly! Don’t worry, I’m a recovering perfectionist so I am working on that.

But, the point is, when I start something new, like my business or even this blog, I want to do it right, I want it to be perfect, and I want immediate results. Honestly, it makes me sound like a bit of a prick, but I promise the motivation for that comes from a genuine part of serving others. I just put too much pressure on myself.

So, when I start something new and get mediocre results, it frustrates me. Like I said, I want those results that you dream of to happen all at once, all in the beginning. And it doesn’t come from a place of laziness. I know how to work hard, even despite my illness!

Like, when I opened my Online Yoga Studio. I spent weeks planning, preparing, filming, and editing. Even though I can’t work a normal job, I found ways around the hours. I would work lying down in my bed, or do 2 hours then take a nape, then 2 hours more, or things like that.

But then when I opened it, I wanted all my students to come flooding in at once.

Of course that didn’t happen.

Results not only take determination and a lot of work, but they take time. And THAT’S totally what gets me!

Please tell me I’m not the only person who struggles with this!

It’s so hard to take a step back and allow the process to happen. I strive for those big moments so much, that a lot of times I miss the little moments in between.
And I have learned that those little moments are the important ones.

The small little friendships or connections that you make along the way, may turn into vital relationships down the road.

That little thing that you learned a while back when you were completely stuck and frustrated, may help you move your next project faster in the future.

You may be delayed in your plans so you can meet the right person at the right time in the right place all for either a lesson or a blessing.

Patience is hard because we don’t often see or connect the results of it.

Being patient gives God the time to work in the right way for your good.

I know, when I am being impatient about something, I tend to roll my eyes when I hear that too in the moment.

It’s not something you want to hear because it’s not something you can control.

Hi, I’m Alysha and I am a control freak.

Giving up control of my time table has been a recurring lesson in my life I may never fully learn.

But, each time I have to slow my roll and be patient about something else (can you hear the impatience in that sentence), that lesson gets etched a little more clearly on my heart.

So, if you deal with impatience as a character trait like I do, know your not alone. Take solace in the fact that it is always for a reason, and it’s always worked out for your good.

That’s something you have to practice in the calm times so that when something doesn’t match your timetable, you will be able to hold onto that truth with all your heart.

It doesn’t take away the sting, disappointment, or even frustration anymore, but it does heal your impatient heart to calm down a bit quicker each time.

You are able to release that thing just a little quicker. And that release is the only thing that can bring you cosmic peace.

Isn’t that a big part of what life is about?