5 Of My Favorite Essential Oils For Yoga

So if you have been around here for longer then a minute, you know that my two passions are Essential Oils and Yoga. Specifically, I use both of these passions for self care with my chronic illness.

Also, they both match so well together! Both holistically aligning your mind, body, and spirit. Both bringing peace and homeostasis.

A lot of the times people are lost with what to do with essential oils though. They know that they work, they know they are popular, and they know that doTERRA’S are pure. But, how do you use them? How do you incorporate them into your life, let alone your yoga practice, to support your body?

Well, that’s why I’m here. I’m a Wellness Advocate, which means that I educate you in using your oils for your health and wellness. Your’s may look different from mine or your friends, but that’s totally okay! Essential oils are versatile and can be used in so many ways!

While I am not going to go into a ton of detail here, I am going to give you the basics of 5 of my favorite essential oils for yoga.

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1. Balance

Balance is my all time favorite essential oil! It’s a blend filled with different oils to ground you.

I explain grounding as when you are on the emotional up and down roller coaster, it brings you back to ground level.

It has oils like Frankincense and Blue Tansy which are amazing oils for cellular support (aka what runs your whole body). So, not only is it good for yoga, but it’s also good for your body in general.

I love to diffuse this, add a few drops to my wrists or feet, or just inhale from the bottle. The longer you use it, the quicker the emotional effects kick in. You begin to relate the smell of this oil to calming and balancing, so when you whip out your bottle of Balance when you are really frustrated, you will chill out very quickly.

Because this oil has Frankincense in it, it makes it amazing for meditation. Frankincense helps to deepen a meditative state, so apply a few drops to your chest before you meditate. Balance already has Fractionated Coconut Oil in it, so it’s totally safe to apply topically.

2. AromaTouch

I held of on getting aromatouch for a while. It’s the massage blend, and while I would love to be that person who gets massages weekly, that’s just not me.

I ended up getting in for free in a promotion (doterra does those a lot for customers). Once I tried it, I was slightly upset at myself for not getting it sooner!

The smell is really gentle and subtle. I looked into the oil a bit more, and found that it’s seriously all things relaxing. It’s relaxing to your emotions when you smell it, and it’s also relaxing to your body when you apply it.

So, it’s really great to apply before and after your yoga practice to relax your mind and body. Also, I love to use this for any tightness I have, especially if my yoga practice is focusing on flexibility that day!

If you are the type of person that gets massages, bring this with you and have them apply it to your back and shoulders during your massage!

3. Cheer

Cheer is one of the roller blends in their Emotional Touch Kit. It’s in a pre-diluted roller bottle, so that means it’s already super easy to use. You just roll it onto your wrists or heart space (good places to put any oils for emotional purposes).

Cheer does exactly what it sounds like it does. It uplifts your mood!

I love using this in my yoga practice for a few reasons.

  1. It smells amazing! Like literally so good! I think it smells like a mix between Christmas and bubble gum. Very sweet and uplifting, citrusy, with just a tiny bit of spice in there.
  2. It helps me to be grateful. Something I notice I can be lacking, especially on my yoga mat.

I love to pair it with the affirmation of just thank you. It helps to open my heart to the blessing that I already have in my life.

4. Yoga Collection

There are 3 oils in the yoga collection (but you can get them all separate if you want).

  1. Arise
  2. Anchor
  3. Align

I love Arise at all times! It’s the enlightening blend and it’s full of awakening citruses that wake your mind, body, and spirit up with energy!

Anchor and Align are funny ones. These are definitely oils for your emotions. I say they are funny because sometimes I crave the smell of them, and other times I’m like “yeah, no thank you.”

There is a reason behind this though. When your body needs the chemical constiuents in the oils emotionally, you like the smell. When your body doesn’t need the chemical constituents emotionally, it doesn’t like the smell.

Right now, I love diffusing Align and Balance in meditation and right before bed. I used to want nothing other then Siberian Fir in my diffuser at all times, but now I am not a fan of it. That tells me that my body doesn’t need Siberian Fir emotionally anymore, but it does need Balance and Align.

Align is the centering blend. It supports courage, balance, and centering to your emotions.

Anchor is the steadying blend. It supports unwavering groundedness.

I love all 3 of these oils for my yoga practice. Yoga is much more about movement then it is about emotional and physical connectiveness. These oils definitely help me on and off the mat with this.

5. Diffusers

Okay so this one isn’t an oil specifically, but it’s important to have with essential oils and yoga. It’s important to have a diffuser for yoga, but a good quality diffuser.

What a diffuser does is it ionizes the essential oils into air particles. It does this while keeping the oils cool, because if you heat it up, it breaks apart the oil. Once the oil is in-tacked and an air particle, we then breathe that essential oil into our body and get the physical and emotional benefit of it.

When you have a poor quality diffuser, it can break apart the oils and then you don’t get the physical and emotional benefits of them. It’s basically a glorified candle that are ruining your oils.

I have seen many of these in stores and it really saddens me to think people are wasting their oils like this.

So make sure that you don’t waste yours and get a good quality diffuser!

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