Blog Post Roundup: Doterra and Yoga

Doterra is a growing company! They hire many health professionals and advocates to find new ways to use their oils for your health.

One of those ways is with yoga! Doterra is actually a huge advocate and educator for yoga, and their oils match perfectly with any yoga practice.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today. Today, I want to give you a roundup of blog posts and resources that doterra has made for yoga and oils!

They are packed with science and research and tips on how to incorporate them into your life!

So let’s get started with our doterra blog post roundup!

1. The Unity of Yoga and Essential Oils

This blog post talks about the scientific research on how yoga reduces stress, and gives you some great oils to match!

Blog Post

2. Isometric Yoga to Reduce Fatigue

Fatigue stinks. I know because I live with it daily.

This blog post references a study on how yoga can improve fatigue, how to do it, and what oils may help

Blog Post

3. Cognitive Function and Yoga

Did you know that yoga is better then other activities to improve cognitive function long term? This blog post talk about the science and research behind it and how their yoga collection can be included.

Blog Post

4. Yoga and Essential Oils

This is a short overview on how yoga and oils can improve your healthy lifestyle.

Blog Post

5. Six More Tips for Boosting Your Energy

This is a blog post going over different natural tips to boost energy. Who doesn’t need that!

Blog Post

6. Finding Contentment and Stability

This blog post talks about how to find contentment and stability with Peace and Balance. Something every yogi strives for.

Blog Post

7. Finding the Perfect Massage Oil

Everyone’s oily lifestyle looks a little different. Essential oils are super versatile and there are some that fit everyone’s lifestyle.

Sometimes picking the right oil for you, especially for something as personal as a massage can be difficult. So, doTERRA breaks down all the good massage oils to help you find the perfect one for you.

Blog Post

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