How I Found My Meditation Spot

A little bit ago I wrote a blog post about why you need a yoga spot and how to find yours.

Read that blog post here!

I showed you a picture of mine, and explained why it called me.

Well, my Meditation practice has always gone hand in hand with my Yoga practice. But here’s the thing. While my Yoga spot is beautiful and speaks to me, it definitely isn’t a good spot for me to practice my meditation.

It’s outside on my back porch, looking out over nature. While nature sounds do enhance my meditation practice, village noises and territorial squirrels do not.

Like seriously, once I was in savasana, and there were squirrels throwing pine cones out of our huge pine trees and scurrying in the bushes right at my feet.

That is in no way a good spot for me to only focus on my breath or prayer, because with my eyes closed, I would just constantly be thinking about those darn squirrels.

So, I had found my Yoga spot, but needed to put some time into finding my Meditation spot.

I tried to do it in my bed for a bit, but don’t recommend this. While it’s comfy and warm, it doesn’t promote good posture. Also, I never fell asleep while meditating, but if you are the type of person that can easily fall back to sleep in the mornings, I can see how this would be a bad idea.

I’m not one to meditate sitting on the floor because of the curve in my back. That puts pressure on my lower back and I find myself falling out of good posture.

This spot needed to be comfortable, quiet, clean, and have good lower back support. That basically kept me in my room because it’s almost impossible to meditate while someone is walking around or watching tv for me at the moment.

Luckily, I have a small couch in my room that fits all of my criteria! It’s very comfy and soft so it brings a little peace, but it also supports my lower back perfectly when I am sitting cross legged. I keep pillows to the side if I am having issues with my knees that day, and I keep a blanket on the back in case I am getting cold.

I honestly don’t just sit on this couch a whole lot, so that actually will make it a special place for my meditation practice.

It’s also fairly quiet. I get the occasional morning activity outside my room, but I can easily shut my door, then turn on some calming music on Spotify.

I recently moved some things around in my space too, just to make it a little more appealing. I put all of my yoga gear next to my little couch, and also added my yoga magazines that enhance my practice while giving me inspiration, and my oil books from doterra!

On my shelf above the couch I have my go to oil blends right now. Balance and Align for sleep and meditation, and Grapefruit and Lime for a delicious day time blend!

This little spot is perfect for me right now. I look forward to one day having a whole area or room just dedicated my my Yoga and Meditation practice, but until then, you just work with what you have and can easily make any quiet little spot into your own.

Do you want me to share some tips on how you can make a meditation spot almost anywhere? Let me know in the comments!