5 Ideas To Keep Yourself Busy In A POTS Crash

So, I am currently recovering from a day at a craft show. I actually filmed a day in my life video when we went, and I show you how I managed with my POT Syndrome.

That will be up this Saturday so stay tuned!

Anyways, I wouldn’t say that the craft show gave me a full blown crash, but I am definitely spending the next couple of days recovering for sure.

Recovering can get kind of boring actually.

It may sound nice at first to do nothing but lie in bed all day long, but trust me, when it’s involuntary, it’s not a whole lot of excitement.

Not to mention the other issues that lying in bed all day can give you, like throwing out your back!

You also lose ideas of what to do pretty quickly and they can just drive you insane.

So, while I never wish a POTS crash on anyone, you are pretty certain to have them. To help keep your sanity, I wanted to share some ideas of what to do in a POTS crash!

1. Netflix

This one gets old really quick. If you have a friend with a chronic illness, just ask them what Netflix shows they HAVEN’T seen for a quicker answer.

However, reading books is almost impossible when you are in a legit POTS crash, because the brain fog makes you almost non-functionable.

When all you can do is lie down, without the option of reading, the easiest thing to turn to is Netflix.

My favorite shows currently are:

  1. Madam Secretary
  2. Parks and Rec
  3. Stranger Things
  4. The Blacklist
  5. Colony
  6. Another Life

Try those ones in your next crash!

2. Audio Books

Sometimes you feel like your brain is melting even more with Netflix, and while I personally find it basically impossible to read during a crash, I do like to listen to audio books!

This is something that you can do in a cozy bubble bath, on the couch with headphones in, or just in your bed.

Audio Books that I have listened to and LOVED are:

  1. Own Your Everday by Jordan Lee Dooley
  2. Kind Is The New Classy by Candace Cameron Bure
  3. Dare to Lead by Brene Brown
  4. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
  5. A Love Letter Life by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

Audio books have totally become my new obsession! Let me know if you would be interested in an Audio book bookclub for chronic illness!

3. Meditation

So this is definitely something that you can do whenever, wherever, and no matter your health. Also, taking naps gets boring, but we still need the rest. So if you are just absolutely done with sleeping all day, try just closing your eyes for like 5 minutes and only focusing on your breath.

It’s really not as complicated as people make it out to be. You don’t try an empty your thoughts, you just watch as they come into your head, choose not to attach yourself to them, and watch as they leave.

This leaves me feeling refreshed and not groggy!

4. Get Into Nature

So this one will definitely be seasonal, but just take a few minutes to sit outside. Obviously taking a walk is usually not an option during a crash, but if you can, sit in the sun for like 5 minutes and just watch the nature around you.

5. Journal

So you may be thinking “what on earth do I have to journal about when I am in the middle of a POTS crash!?”

Well here are some ideas!

Journal about:

How you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically

Any weird or new symptoms

A memory that fills you with joy

Literally anything that pops into your head.

Just get it down on paper and I promise you will feel at least a little better by doing so.

If you have any more ideas on what to do while you are in a POTS crash, comment them down below!

Also, seriously let me know if you would be down for an audio book book club!