5 Things You Should Never Do With Essential Oils

So there are a lot of essential oil myths out there. Like how you shouldn’t take them internally or even use them topically. Or how Peppermint oil is harmful to kids.

A lot of it is just fear mongering, but there are some things that you should actually never do with essential oils!

It’s hard to know what to do and what not to do, but no worries, I will share what is ACTUALLY dangerous with essential oils.

Danger #1

Never ever put essential oils in your eyes, ears, nose, or any other openings in your body other than your mouth!

Essential oils are potent, and while PURE essential oils are safe to ingest (and Doterra is the only company that publicly prove are pure), they would definitely irritate any super sensitive areas on your body.

Danger #2

So lets talk about diffusing, especially with kids and pets. Diffusing ANY oils in a super small space (I’m talking like a closet spaced room), that is closed in, is never a good idea.

Kids and pets can metabolize oils differently than adults, so if it’s like really really small, it could be dangerous.

However, if it’s just a regular sized room, then just use a couple of drops of the essential oils. With pets, just always have a way to let them out of the room.

The only essential oil that I wouldn’t recommend diffusing with pets is Tea Tree, but y’all, it smells terrible so I wouldn’t diffuse it anyways. It’s really more for boosting your immune system and it’s cleansing properties.

Danger #3

Here’s another myth: You should never apply oils without dilution.

If it’s pure, there are totally oils that you can apply without dilution safely. Obviously be smart and don’t dump half the bottle on yourself, but if I have a bug bit and it’s really itchy, I will just put a drop of Lavender right on the spot, right from the bottle.

With kids or elderly, I would dilute because they have more sensitive skin.

There are 5 essential oils that are considered hot oils, which means you should NEVER apply topically without dilution because they most likely will cause irritation. They are:

  1. Oregano
  2. Thyme
  3. Cassia
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Clove

These are safe to use topically, just make sure you always dilute with these specifically.

Danger #4

Do not ever ever ever buy essential oils from the grocery store or amazon. These have been tested and proven to be very adulterated and synthetic. AKA they are just fragrance which is not safe to use.

I love that I don’t have to ever keep stock for my customers because Doterra wants to ensure that the bottle of essential oil that you use are 100% pure. The only way for them to ensure that is for it to go right from their warehouse to your door.

Also, the doterra oils that are on amazon are also not pure. Those are not a credible source either, and this video explains why!

This is why it’s SOOO important to jump in through a wellness advocate. Not only do you get 25% off of all Doterra products, but you also get ensured quality, and a Wellness Advocates community and education on how to use your oils!

Danger #5

Okay, so lets talk about what is actually safe and what isn’t safe with taking oils internally.

Here’s why I am okay with taking Doterra oils internally. It’s because they are the only essential oil company that has a third party test their oils and then release their results to you. And guess what those tests say? That the oils are indeed pure.

It’s why many big name medical institutes chose to work with Doterra over the competition.

All you do is you take your oil bottle, go to sourcetoyou.com, and enter the code on the bottom of your bottle. This shows all the 7 layers of testing done to that batch specifically, where it came from, and the test results.

Here is a pdf of the results of my Peppermint bottle!

But there is actually a danger to taking some essential oils internally.

You should only do a few drops of the oil at a time. It is potent so a few drops go a long way.

I will never ever recommend taking an oil internally that is not from Doterra.

You can tell if an oil is safe to take internally if it has a supplemental facts section on the bottle. If it does, the FDA has cleared it for internal use. If it doesn’t, I do not recommend taking it internally.

So, don’t be freaked out over using essential oils. Be smart, and use common sense. If you still have a question about what is safe and what isn’t, comment down below and I will answer it!