How I Make Money With Doterra

A few days ago I wrote about how Hustling Is Toxic, which you can read about here!

In it I come to the conclusion of how shedding hustle is healthy and how I love that Doterra doesn’t promote hustle culture.

If you want to have your own business with Doterra, guess what? It’s all on you. That is your responsibility and you get to set your goals and decide how far and how quickly you want to go.

They don’t fine or “punish” you at all if you don’t hit a certain goal or a certain volume.

They give you the freedom to run your business how you want to.

The typical way someone runs a Doterra business is through teaching classes.

You personally get in front of someone’s group of friends and educate them on how essential oils can benefit them, how to use them safely, and why all essential oils are not created equal.

Like I said, that is the typical way that people grow their business, and it’s a great way to do it!

However, for the physically unabled like myself, that can take a lot of energy out of me, and sometimes, I just don’t have the time to do that.

So, while I do still teach in person classes, another way to do it is to educate people online. This usually takes a little longer to grow your business because you have to establish trust with your audience before they will buy from you.

I recommend combining these methods, especially if you have a chronic illness or disability.

The nice this is that a Doterra business can be done however you can handle it!!

So let’s get down to how to make money from Doterra though.

1. Fast Start

The first way is a Commission Based Program called Fast Start.

This picture really explains it well!

Say your friend Amy comes to you asking what she can do to help support headaches. You tell her that Peppermint and Frankincense could benefit her, and you also tell her about all the other ways she can use the Home Essentials Kit for natural solutions to simple health issues like that.

Amy, of course, is all about reducing toxins and learning more about natural solutions, so she decided to get the Home Essentials Kit. She gets a free wholesale membership with Doterra, and 25% off of everything.

Well because she enrolled under you, you will get a 20% commission on everything she purchases for her first 60 days.

Then Amy likes it so much she naturally shares this with her friends and family. Her friends and family are very interested about using these oils for their health and want to learn more. You tell her that she could become a builder and grow her own Doterra business, or Amy could become a sharer and just enroll people when they come to her, making a few extra bucks a month.

Amy could also just host a class for you to teach her friends and family, but Amy doesn’t want to miss out on extra money, so she becomes a sharer and enrolls her friend Beth.

Now Amy will make a 20% Commission on everything Beth buys in Beth’s first 60 days, and you will make a 10% Commission on anything that Beth buys in Beth’s first 60 days.

Beth has a major win using Lavender on her new baby that won’t sleep for more then 20 minutes at a time, and becomes so excited that she decides she wants to bless other Mama’s with this same knowledge and becomes a builder with her own Doterra business.

Beth enrolls Jen, another sleepless Mama, and you get a 5% Commission on anything Jen buys in Jen’s first 60 days, Amy receives a 10% Commission on anything Jen buys, and Beth receives a 20% Commission on anything that Jen buys in her first 60 days.

Pretty simple! Whoever does the work of enrolling gets the 20% commission, but because they are in your organization, you also get a commission as well!

Okay, next one.

2. Unilevel

So after Amy has been under you for 60 days with the Fast Start, now anything she buys, you will get a 2% commission on. Amy is on your level one.

Because Beth enrolled under Amy, Beth would be on your level 2. So after her first 60 days in Doterra, you will get a 3% commission on anything Beth buys.

Because Jen is under Beth, Jen is on your level 3. So, after Jen has been enrolled for 60 days, you will get a 5% commission on anything Jen buys, and so on.

This goes all the way down to 7 levels.

It should also be noted that most all other Sales companies actually have this table in reverse, so they don’t reward you at all for being a leader and teaching others how to educate and share oils themselves.

What should also be noted is that Doterra has a very very high retention rate! Like an 80% retention rate, so that means that you have to do much less work of enrolling new people because your existing costumers will keep buying from you because the product is so very useful.

Most other sales companies have a super low retention rate in the teens.

Doterra’s is so high as well because they have a lot of toxin free household products that can easily replace household products that you usually get that are full of toxins.

Also, people can choose to buy those products through Doterra’s monthly subscription box (Loyalty Rewards Program) and get free oils of their choice, free oils of Doterra’s choice, and free shipping.

With all of this combined, people actually find it much cheaper to buy their household products, along with using essential oils as natural options, cheaper for them.

Alright, third way!

3. Power of 3

This one can confuse people at first, but the nice thing about starting your own Doterra business is that you don’t have to have it all figured out beforehand. Through seeing it happen and your leaders support, you will totally get the hang of it.

So you are the person at the top.

Say those three people below you is your friend Amy, Heather, and Kate. They all have decided that they are builders with Doterra and are reaching out to educate others, or Amy decided she wants to just share casually.

It really doesn’t matter if they are builders, sharers, or just customers. You just need 3 people that are ordering a 100pv order from Doterra’s Loyalty Rewards Program each month. (from the Fast Start model, you know that that cost can easily be covered)

When you have 3 people under you doing that, you get a $50 bonus!

Now say Amy, Heather, and Kate also have 3 people each ordering a 100pv LRP order each month. Well, now they all get a $50 bonus, and you get a $250 bonus.

It goes one more level. If all 9 of Amy, Heather, and Kate’s people also have 3 people each ordering a 100pv LRP each month, you now get a $1,500 bonus. That usually comes with a little bit of time, but totally does happen, especially if you help them with wisdom in placing people they enroll.

Last one!

4. Bonus Pools

Doterra tracks your progress by certain ranks.

Like I said before though, if you don’t hit a certain rank in a certain amount of time, Doterra is totally cool with that. There is never any penalties.

Each rank, starting with Premier, gets to have a part in Doterra’s overall global sales. It’s kind of like getting a share of the company. So, that means that there is no competition within the Doterra business, because if I do better, so do you!

The better everyone does as a whole, the bigger those shares will be.

I love this graphic above because it really shows exactly what you need for success.

This chart as well, is actual income averages in 2017. So this is your monthly, average income per rank!

Not per team, but per person.

So I hope this may have answered a lot of your questions. If you have more, go ahead and ask them either in the comments, or you can connect with me and send me a personal message!

Or if you are ambitious and want to jump right in, click here and scroll to the bottom!

I find a lot of fulfillment in educating and helping other people know how to use natural options for their health, and the best part is I can do it my way, even with a chronic illness!