33 Fall Diffuser Blends

If you know me, you know I used to love candles. That is until I learned how terrible they are for your health.

They are literally the new second hand smoke, and that hit me really hard. I have family members who smoke(d) and I can see the nasty consequences first hand. So, I in no way want to put anything like that in my house.

I thankfully found that swapping toxic candles with essential oils is actually super easy to do, and instead of harming your health, they actually support it in many different ways! It was a complete no brainer for me!

Fall is probably the most popular time of year for candles, because you are closing up your house and you want it to be cozy. So to help you make the switch really easy, I have 33 Fall Diffuser Blends for you, including an ebook!

Enjoy and Happy Oiling!