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Essential Oils have been key in supporting my physical and emotional health. It’s not at all easy to live life with a chronic illness, and essential oils truly make life better!

I got into essential oils after I went to doctors for 8 long years, and did everything that they threw at me. They finally gave up and said that they couldn’t do anything more for me.

Within the next 2 weeks, 2 different people reached out to me about using essential oils for my health and also a way to make money because I can’t work.

I decided to pay attention to this sign and I am so glad I did!

When you join my team, I will support you in your health journey, and will not give up on you the way those doctors gave up on me.

Scroll down and follow the steps below. I’m so excited to welcome you to my oil tribe!

Step 1. Pick Your Starter Kit

Kits are financially the smartest way to get started with essential oils. They are bundled packages and are designed to get you the best essential oils for the best price.

All of our Starter Kits waives your $35 Membership Fee, allows you to purchase your products at 25% off retail price, and comes with an educational book from Doterra.

Here are some of my favorites!

November Promotions

Step 2. Enroll Online

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Pick a Wholesale Account or a Wellness Advocate Account. Both will give you the 25% off wholesale pricing and access to me as your mentor and my private community. A Wellness Advocate Account will just allow you to receive a commission for sharing your oils!

Select your Region and Language

Fill out your details. Make sure you see my picture from above and my name Alysha Copella. If you don’t, my Wellness Advocate Number is 5991082.

Select the kit that is best for your needs and your budget.

Add on any additional product at Wholesale Pricing.

Enter your payment and process your order.

Now make sure to email me after so that I can get you a free wellness consult, a free welcome gift, and plugged into our amazing community with lots of education and mentoring!

Want To Join My Team?

These are really real incomes that are all possible to earn right from home!

Here are all the perks you get when you join my tribe:

A Free Wellness Consult To Help You Learn How To Use These Natural Solutions For Your Personal Needs

An Essential Oil Guide Book

Access To Our Private Communities, Classes, Education, and Giveaways

Free Oils From Your LRP

Me As Your Mentor For Holistic Health/Business

A Presidential Diamond Team

Essential Oil EBooks

A Free Welcome Gift When You Enroll With A Starter Kit

Our goal at Doterra is to see you living your best, healthiest life that works for you and your family!

So if this sounds like something that you are interested in being a part of, come join my tribe! I would love to have you!

To sign up as a Wellness Advocate on my team, click this button above, fill out your info, choose your kit or product, and I will email you to set up a meeting!